a love letter to twenty-twelve

Well, twenty-twelve was a pretty special year for us.
It is amazing thinking back to how it started
with us as a family of three
having just decided we would like to become a four.
And twelve months later that dream is a reality
and here we are as a four;
a beautiful boy,
a beautiful girl,
a daddy
and a mummy.

We started the year with a baby,
and while he left babyhood behind
and became a little boy;
this year ends with another baby in our lives,
who came along
and made us fall crazily in love with her.

The last twelve months have seen us learning more
about parenting and marriage and love,
and have seen our children amaze us on a daily basis.
The last twelve months have seen our little man
learn to walk and to talk.
The last twelve months have seen our little lady
being born and learning to smile.
The last twelve months have been one awesome adventure.

We celebrated the start of 2012 by going to the New Years Day Parade in London. 
To say that the beautiful boy enjoyed it was an understatement.
He loved it.
And so a family tradition was born...

Our beautiful boy turned one.
And we sat back and marvelled at the fantastic little person who we had made
and were now raising to be a brilliant little boy.

We got to tell the world some really exciting news;
that our little family was growing
and would become a four in the Autumn.

Our baby boy officially became a toddler
as he decided to get up on his feet to walk.

Some sunny weather arrived nice and early
and the paddling pool had it's first use of the year.

We went on a first proper holiday to Poppit in Wales
where Pops holidayed every year as a child.
Our little man adored the beach;
feeling the sand between his fingers and toes
and splashing in the sea.

We enjoyed lots of adventures and lovely days out
including days at the coast
and the little guys best day ever at the aquarium in London.

We made the most of our last days as a family of three
by enjoying time together
and soaking up the nice weather.

Our family and our hearts grew
with the addition of our beautiful girl.

Our beautiful boy really got to grips with being a big brother
and enjoyed his first cuddles with his baby sister
as well as learning how to say her name.

Our beautiful girl really started to blossom
with a charming smile and a heart melting giggle,
and a love for her brother that took our breath away.

Our beautiful girl enjoyed her first Christmas
and our beautiful boy got wrapped up in the excitement of his second one.
It was a truly magical time to be seeing the wonder of Christmas 
through the eyes of our beautiful children.


  1. What a lovely 2012 you had- I can't believe at the start of the year they were both so small, yet in that time you have managed to create another baby! It certainly was busy! 2013 can now be the time that you enjoy, and create lots of memories with your beautiful babies.

    1. I am so looking forward to 2013 being a year to just really enjoy life as a four, getting to watch both my babies growing and learning. x

  2. Another beautiful post. The photos are amazing, especially December.
    You really did have a fantastic 2012! xx

    1. Thanks, 2012 was pretty amazing. And I had thought 2011 would be really hard to beat. Can't wait to see what 2013 holds in store. x

  3. I love this. Beautiful family sharing moments of 2012. Happy 201 Roberts Family!!

  4. Beautiful post as always. I love your pictures. Hope 2013 brings you as much joy and fun as 2012 did x

    1. Thanks. For the last few years, each new year has been better than the last, so I can't wait to see what 2013 holds. x


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