one word title {see it snap it love it}

As soon as I took this photo
I knew it had to be my photo for See It Snap It Love It.
It embodies what this linky is all about:
I saw a photo opportunity,
I snapped it
and I love the results.

It just completely captures my life right now.
I am in the centre of a world that revolves around my children.
I was playing with my beautiful girl
and doing anything and everything I could to earn a gorgeous giggle.
I was simultaneously playing musical instruments
and singing with the beautiful boy
while he ran around with no bottoms on while we potty train.

I had propped the camera up on a small cushion on the floor with us
and was just clicking my remote from time to time to see what I ended up with.
And I ended up with a photo which I look at and smile
because this is my real life a lot of the time.
Hoody on, unwashed hair and no make up because we weren't going out,
two adorable children doing their thing
and me grinning at how happy it all makes me.

I took this photo with my new prime lens.
I'm still loving it.
And I'd been fiddling around with the ISO on my camera
to compensate for the annoying Wintery lack of light indoors.
I'd definite recommend cranking up you ISO and playing around
because while it can give a grainier picture,
it is a great way of avoiding the dull, yellowy light
that you get indoors at this time of year.

Next weeks theme is 
'This Makes Me Smile'.

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  1. What a great idea! I get nervous leaving my camera out of arms reach with my lot around, but I might have to try that:-)

    1. I get pretty nervous too. But I figured it was pretty safe at floor level. And it definitely gave the resulting photos a fun angle. x

  2. oooo a prime lens...jealous! It will be a long while before I can entertain a new lens for my camera so I will just have to work with what I got. I have certainly been struggling with the lack of light indoors for photos! This is a very expressive picture and it's great you are smiling!

    1. Its definitely a whole new thing shooting with a prime lens. Glad you like the photo. x

  3. This is a lovely photo. Lovely words to sum it up too x

  4. That is such a great shot. It makes me smile.

    1. Thank-you. It makes me smile too, and it's pretty rare that I ever smile about photos of myself. x

  5. Great photo! I'd love a remote for my camera! Do they do them for most DSLR's? X x

    1. A remote is a great (and really pretty cheap) bit of kit to have. I did all my pregnancy bump photos using one. x

  6. Thats a great shot and perfectly sums up day to day life- its not always glamourous but its very very lovely. x

  7. That's a lovely bright shot in lots of ways!

  8. Great to see a photo of you - and you look so happy - love it xxx

    1. Yes, I am a bit guilty of just posting photos of my children. Good to get myself on here once in a while. x

  9. no make up and you still look good - well jel!!! X

    1. Hahaha. Thanks, but I think the light and fiddling with the ISO really did me some favours. x

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