a second birth story - part three

I had gone to bed feeling grumpy and fed up with being pregnant,
only for my waters to go minutes later.
But with no contractions yet
I had decided to go back to bed
while the hubby had decided to get up and catch up on some work.

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So the hubby got up,
I fussed around just making sure everything was packed in the hospital bag
and about five or ten minutes after I had first jumped out of bed
I got back in again.
I lay there for about half a second before I decided I needed the toilet
and as I got up that second time I felt a much bigger gush.
That would be the hind-waters then.
I grabbed a dry pad and headed to the toilet
to discover that all wasn't as it should be.

Having been through a labour before that had started exactly the same way
I knew that amniotic fluid is supposed to be a peachy-golden-straw type colour.
This was more of a browny green.
And I knew exactly what that meant;
meconium in the waters.
I wasn't particularly worried though
I just figured that perhaps I should ring the labour ward and describe what had happened.

I rang the hospital and spoke to a midwife on labour ward
explaining I was 39+5 weeks pregnant
that my waters had broken
and that I suspected there was meconium in the waters.
I described the waters
and expected her to say keep an eye on it
and ring us when your contractions get going.
So I was more than a little panicked when she told me I needed to make my way to the hospital now.
She explained that they needed to confirm either way whether it was meconium,
and that if it was they would want to induce labour straight away
as it meant the baby might be in distress.

Suddenly my blood was pumping really fast
and I managed to, in a very rushed and jumbled way, explain all this to the hubby.
So at nearly midnight I made the call to my mum
who answered the phone with a hilariously calm and inquisitive “Yes?”
We grabbed the bags,
put on some clothes,
I ducked in to see my little man sleeping quietly like an angel,
and then tried not to cry as the enormity of what was happening hit me like a ton of bricks.
The next time I saw my baby he would more than likely be a big brother.

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  1. Ooh it is getting to the exciting bit now! I can imagine how weird it must have been leaving BB and knowing that the next time you saw him you would be a Mummy of two! x

  2. I remember vividly saying goodbye to big man when I was expecting middle man, turning round and walked out the door - then there were tears from me!

  3. Goose bumps!!!!! Seriously I am on tenter hooks waiting for these post updates! haha.. I love the way they are written and the way you have done it though :)

    Cannot wait for the next instalment. x

  4. See it doesn't matter how long ago it was that we felt this - we did feel this - now that's the motherhood right there!

  5. Oh you have left me hanging, I need another update. I know the ending but I need to hear the middle xx

  6. Bet that was worrying. The last line gave me a lump in my throat. How exciting! x

  7. ahhh glad things are moving quicker this time. You write beautiful and always leave me wanting more in suspense. Keeps me wanting to read for hours. lol


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