this makes me smile {see it snap it love it}

This photo makes me smile for a few reasons.
I love the light in it.
And obviously it is of my two favourite people on this earth.
But the main reason it makes me smile,
is what it signifies to me
and that is interaction.
It shows the beginnings of a relationship.

In the last month or so
my beautiful children have got really into each other.
They are seeking out ways of playing together
and of sharing experiences.
They watch each other and smile
as if they are talking with words I can't hear.
They want to interact with each other
and they are finding their own ways of doing it.

The beautiful boy has taken it upon himself
to make sure his little sister is never, ever without some sort of toy.
If she is lying on the play may
he'll lie right down next to her.
If she is sat up in her bumbo
he will play where she can see what he is doing.
And if we prop her up on the sofa
he will jump up to sit next to her and say "cuddles".
The beautiful girl rewards him with her cutest smiles,
by hanging on his every word
and generally looking at him with pure hero worship in her eyes.

I didn't think it was possible to love my children anymore than I do.
But it turns out that seeing them look at one another with eyes full of love
makes me find a whole load more love for them.
I melt.
Every. Single. Time.

Next weeks theme is
'Morning Moments'.

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  1. Awwww this is so sweet. The moment they start sharing and communicating is so precious x

  2. Sharing is such a great part of life...Thanks for the party.

  3. I love this photo so much - I'll have to go off and take a photo!

  4. Awww, so gorgeous. You have so many lovely moments to come as you see the interaction of two siblings developing x

  5. It is overwhelming, isn't it, when they clearly adore each other. You always worry that you might not have enough love for 2 but if anything your love for both just doubles. (Except for when they grow up and spend a lot more time winding each other up than gazing lovingly at each other!)

  6. What a lovely photo, it must be so nice to start to watch the bond between them developing. x

  7. Ahhhh - as Z would say ..."share share". Really lovely when they play together like that!

  8. Lovely photo. my previous post for See it Snap It Love It was of something similar with my bois...that is until one clobbers the other over the head with the lego they've just been playing with!!! ;-)

  9. What a beautiful relationship. Somebody once said that 'Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a Superhero'! :-)

  10. This would make me melt too. It is a beautiful moment captured!


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