a second birth story - part two

I was two days away from my due date
and I was grumpy and fed up.
So my husband had suggested I head to bed
and get some rest . . .

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Then I got that feeling you get sometimes as your just drifting off
where you feel like you are falling and you jump.
I looked at the clock and it was exactly 11.30pm.
I could have sworn I had heard or felt a popping
but I was so fed up I wasn't allowing myself to read anything into anything for fear of disappointment.
Besides, it's pretty unusual for your waters to go first in labour
and that is what had happened with the beautiful boy
so I figured the chances of that happening again were pretty slim.

But I lay still in the bed
feeling very awake
and very weird.
Nothing I could explain exactly,
just odd.

It sounds silly
but I wanted that possible popping to have been waters so badly
that I daren't move in case I was let down when I realised that wasn't what had happened.
I knew from last time that they don't tend to actually come out until gravity gives them a helping hand.
So I just lay there;
half wondering
but not really thinking that anything was happening.

In the end my curiosity got the better of me
and I decided to go to the toilet.
And as soon as I moved I knew.

I lept in the direction of the ensuite,
probably the fastest I had moved in months,
and somehow made it in time.
(I just knew we would never be able to deal
with knowing that my waters had got on our bedroom carpet.)
That warm little trickle, all too familiar from last time, happened
and my husband sat bolt up right in bed behind me.

Lucy.....?” he said.
He knew something was up.
I'm pretty sure my waters just broke.”
I asked him to pass me a maternity pad
and he snapped into 'functional man mode'
and jumped out of bed asking what we needed to do.
I decided we needed to do nothing.
My waters may have gone
but I wasn't having any contractions
and waters could go hours before labour started.
I was convinced that, as with last time,
it had only been some fore-waters
as there hadn't been loads.
So cool and calm as anything I went and got a towel to put on the bed
(to save our sheets and mattress from any mess)
and said that I thought we should try and get some sleep.

The husband nervously suggested that he might actually get up and do some work
as he had a report that needed writing
and was worried that if I went into labour in the night or the next day 
that he might not get a chance to do it.
It's crazy how things seem so hazy and yet so clear when labour is about to or has started,
and to me, this seemed like a really great plan.
He could get up to date on work
I could get a good nights sleep with the bed to myself.
I was suddenly feeling really happy and positive.
Something was finally happening
and the chances were that this baby would arrive before my parents went away
and I would be able to go into hospital
safe in the knowledge that my little man was happy in my absence.

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  1. Ok I have decided that you are evil! I don't mind reading a long post...Honestly! These suspense's are REALLY KILLING ME! :)

  2. Eagerly awaiting the next blog update!


    1. Come back next week. There'll be a part every Wednesday until I'm finished. x

  3. Ooh its so exciting, I love the suspense. As I didn't have that, I don't know what I would do if my waters just suddenly went. Probably panic!! ;) x

    1. I so didn't expect it to happen that way again, as waters going first is actually pretty unusual. It is so bizarre. x

  4. isn't it funny how we all LOVE birth stories, once you've been through it yourself! i could tell mine again and again! and listen to everyone else's again and again!

    1. Definitely. Something about having a baby just makes you obsessed with birth stories, both telling them and hearing them. x

  5. Oo I remember that 'strange' feeling!! I said to my husband the night before my waters broke that I just felt strange no other way to describe it!! Looking forward to part 3!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Yep, I had the 'strange' feeling with my little boy. I just sort of knew. Although you could never explain it to someone else. x

  6. Waiting and wondering and wanting to

  7. I missed this second part in my feed so just catching up. Argh, you've left me hanging again! Glad hubbo went into 'functional man mode' :)

  8. You are amazing and so calm I can't imagine my waters breaking. I never felt that with either. But sounds like your body just knows to wake up and deal with it.


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