seventeen weeks new

You definitely seemed in a real hurry to grow up.

It was actually scary to think you had been with us for four months already.
You still seemed so new to us
but at the same time it was like you had always been around.

You were starting to roll now
and could get from your tummy on to your back
with just a little bit of wriggling.
This suited you a lot
as you weren't a big fan of being on your tummy
so now you had an easy way out.
And when we lay you on your back
you could roll right up onto your side.
You looked so precarious balanced on your side
but you seemed to quite like it
and you weren't far off being able to roll the whole way over we suspected.

There were a few things that you absolutely loved;
being swaddled - you would smile with delight when you realised that's what we were doing,
your hands - we had thought you'd be a thumb sucker, but a finger sucker now looked more likely,
your big brother - who you looked at with such absolute adoration it melted our hearts,
and Mummy.
You still had a big place in your heart for Daddy
and your eyes would light up at the sight of him.

But you seemed to be a complete mummy's girl
and when other people held you
you would stare at her across the room
and sometimes yell to remind her you were there.
You were her biggest fan
and she was yours.


  1. Gorgeous, she's such a beautiful little thing. I can't believe she is doing all these important milestones as well. X

    1. Aww, thanks hun. She really is a clever, pretty little thing. x

  2. What a lovely post. I hope to write letters like this to my daughter.

    1. You definitely should write her letters, you won't regret it. I absolutely love reading back the weekly letters I wrote when my little boy was tiny. x

  3. Can't believe she's 17 weeks! That's gone so quick!!

    1. You're telling me. If I didn't know that it just gets better, then I'd be really freaking out about her growing up so fast. x

  4. Four months - wow! Gorgeous girl though (of course) x

  5. Four months have goen so quickly! She's so adorable x

  6. She is such a precious mummy's little girl!

  7. Aww how gorgeous is she! Beautiful x

  8. Awww she is just gorgeous Lucy, and lovely to be a Mummy's girl.x

  9. She's very photographic isn't she? Born to be photographed. She looks very chilled (although I am sure this is not the case?!) and such a pretty girl x


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