britax b-agile double buggy review

With a baby and young toddler
a double buggy was always going to be a necessity for us.
The beautiful boy wouldn't last a whole day out 
without the option of being able to sit down.
He is still really quite happy to be in a buggy most of the time,
and there are definitely times with two children
where just knowing that he is strapped in to the buggy
makes my life easier when out and about.

So when Britax asked us to be Mumbassadors 
and offered us the opportunity to test out their brand new double buggy

we were thrilled to be involved
and just knew we'd be able to really put it through it's paces.
The B-Agile Double is a side-by-side buggy which I love.
Because we will be using a double buggy for a quite some time
I much prefer the idea that both children get a good view of the world,
I also think it will be nice as they get older
that they will be able to see one another too.

A side-by-side buggy is obviously a wider option,
but the B-Agile is actually not as wide as I may have feared
and we have successfully got it through every single door we've tried,
shop doors, lift doors, our internal doors and our front door
(every one except my mum and dad's front door, which was just fractionally too narrow.)
I wouldn't say that its actually that much bigger 
than the very large single buggy we had for the little man.

The two sides of the B-Agile can be set up completely differently
depending on the needs of the child using that side.
It features two fully reclining seats
which can be reclined separately to each other.
It comes with two hoods 
(we have only attached one in these photos so you can see what it's like without)
which when attached can be used separately
so while one child is sheltered from the sun
the other can admire the view.
This ability to use the two sides differently
is a real bonus for mummies like me who have two children with a small age gap
as the needs of my two children can be easily met.

As another bonus the B-Agile comes with the car seat adaptors included.
These enable you to easily fit a Britax infant car seat (purchased separately) onto one side of the buggy.
The buggy is suitable from birth due to the full seat recline,
but I think that having a small child parent facing is really important.
It helps them feel safe and secure
allows the parent to check they are okay easily.
Adding the car seat gives you this option
and it is so easy to attach
and remove by pressing one button on the car seat handle.
It's so seamless that this can all be done without needing to disturb your baby if they are sleeping.

Also included in the box is a rain cover,
and I think its a great touch that this is included
as with the majority of buggies I have come across
this (along with any car seat adaptors) would be an optional extra.
Having these included makes it great value for money.
We did find that the raincover was more designed for two children in the forward facing position
and not with one in a car seat,
but we managed to make it sort of fit and work for us.

The manoeuvrability of the B-Agile is fantastic.
Its easy to turn and steer
which is important when you are driving a relatively large buggy.
Considering I always used it fully loaded with two children,
the car seat attached and a changing bag,
it feels reasonably light to push
and is easy enough to tip up and down curbs.

It has an easy to use and very effective foot break
and one of the biggest and most easily accessible shopping baskets I've ever come across.
You can get at the sizeable basket from the large entrance at the back,
the two sides and from the front as well
through zip closed doors in the foot rests.
It also has an adjustable handle
which means it's easy to get it to just the right height for who ever is pushing.

But most importantly it feels really sturdy and solid and safe.
It offers a smooth ride for your precious cargo
with lovely big tyres which made light work of different terrains.
It's front wheels can be in swivel or static modes,
however we always used it in swivel mode and never struggled to drive it,
even in snow.
It just feels really well made and put together.
The seats both have a five point harness
which is easy to adjust
but hard for little fingers to undo;
just as you would want.

I have to say that the thing which impressed us
- and most other people who saw it -
was the ease of assembling and folding.
This double buggy folds up really quite small
and takes up far less space in my car boot than my old single buggy did.
To put the buggy up you simply unclip a safety catch and flick it open,
to close it you slide and press a security button 
and then fold it in half by pulling on handles in the buggy seat.
It really is ridiculously easy and fast
and my husband could do it one handed
(I couldn't but thats because I am about as strong as a baby bird!)

Britax very kindly sent us the Baby-Safe plus SHR II too.
This is the infant car seat that is compatible with the buggy
and it has very quickly replaced the old infant car seat we had.
It is a fantastic car seat
which our beautiful girl looks really safe, snug and comfortable in.
It features everything you would expect from an infant car seat;
additional head support, 
a carry handle,
easily adjustable straps for the perfect fit,
chest/shoulder pads for comfort,
and a sturdy and safe 5-point harness.
Like the buggy, the car seat feels really well made
and when you are buying a child car seat Britax is a name with is synonymous with safety.
We are more than pleased with it
and the little miss is too.

We were sent the B-Agile Double and the Baby-Safe plus SHR II free of charge 
as part of Mumbassador programme and for the purpose of this review.
This is no way impacts the review
and as always all words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. I've started looking into the whole double buggy scenario again this week so your post has come at a great time. Still undecided but I do love the look of these simple side-by-side jobs. Think we are going to wait until the baby is here, finding it incredibly hard to assess our needs until the point when it becomes relevent!

    1. I think waiting is a good idea. You'll definitely have a better idea of what might suit you best once you actually have your two babies to try options out with. X

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