morning moments {see it snap it love it}

I love lazy mornings with my family.
The muted morning light seeping through the curtains.
The warmth of four bodies snuggled under the duvet.
The sleepy eyed smiles and the messy bed hair.
The excitement for cuddles and for another day together.
The desire to linger there . . .
. . .  just a little bit longer.

I totally cheated this week,
as you can probably see that I've included a few more than my normal one photo.
But the simple reason is
that I love these photos.
They have captured real moments.
And I want to always remember my family
. . . exactly . . .
. . . like . . .
. . . this.

Next weeks theme is
'A Marriage'.

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  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous photos Lucy, I think that the morning and evening snuggles in bed are probably my favourite times of the day. xx

  2. No blog post, but this photo came to mind, so thought I'd share it on its own. It's our usual walk to school, but this time Ollie's new back pack was on display, and looking awfully happy! Taken on mu iphone.

  3. the last one! Lazy mornings in bed are the best!

  4. Beautiful photos! Love them! x

  5. I love that last one especially - beautiful kids...

  6. Nothing beats morning cuddles. Lovely pics, as always x


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