eighteen weeks new

You were starting to crash through milestones in a big hurry.

Having mastered rolling from your tummy onto your back,
instead of properly working out how to roll from your back onto your tummy
you decided to skip a couple of steps
and just head straight for sitting up.
We just couldn't believe that you were starting to sit,
and while we did still surround you with pillows in case you fell,
once you found your balance point
and something to focus your attention on,
you could sit quite happily without our support.

With you getting stronger
and being far happier in a vertical position,
we got the inflatable baby nest out for you to sit in
and you loved it.
As did your big brother
who liked to climb in there with you
to give you cuddles and make you smile.

You had your first experience of snow
and while you were a bit confused by it all at first
you seemed to quite like it in the end.
You enjoyed a ride in the sledge,
and we even tried to help you make a snow angel.
But it seemed to watching all the excitement and commotion
of a snowball fight with all our neighbours
that really won you over to liking the cold, white, fluffy stuff.

You were giving us the run around at night a bit
which we were finding really tough.
Especially as you had been such a fantastic sleeper as a newborn
it felt like you were going backwards instead of forwards.
You no longer had any feeds in the night
but you seemed to be a really light and unsettled sleeper
and would wake for seemingly no reason at all.
We could generally get you back to sleep
with the help of some white noise, a finger to suck on or occasionally a cuddle,
but you were definitely the only one enjoying our night time parties for three.
We were hoping it was just a funny phase
and would be something you would get though quickly,
but as you were so content in the day
we knew we didn't have much to complain about.

You were far and away the most adorable little lady we'd ever known
with a big smile that charmed everyone,
as well as a way of looking people up and down with distaste
which we knew we would get to know very well when you were bigger.
You loved being tickled and had started to actually squeal with excitement
at the mere suggestion of some tickle fingers headed your way.

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