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Special bedtime toys are so precious.
I still absolutely treasure mine.
And I think you'd be hard pushed to find a person who didn't have one as a child.

As yet, the little guy doesn't really have a particular favourite bedtime toy.
He's never been one of those children that need a particular comforter,
and while he does have lots he's got no special preferences.

But for his birthday he was given a very special bear,
which I'm really hoping might one day be that special, favourite bedtime friend.
That bear is a big white bear called Snowbert
and he came with a ribbon and a tag around his neck
that explained his name and what made him so special.
Snowbert is named after Snowy and Gilbert
who are another two white teddy bears who are very special to their owners.

Gilbert is my white bear
and Snowy belongs to the little man's Auntie Hannah
(she's technically one of 'those' aunties, you know, the not real ones,
except that while we might not share blood,
she IS my little sister! Or the nearest I'll ever get anyway.)

Gilbert and Snowy have travelled the world
including going to quite a few exciting places together.
They have been on many lovely holidays with Hannah and I,
and on one occasion 
when I was going to Florida on holiday and my mum said there was simply no room in the case for Gilbert,
he went on his holidays to stay with Hannah and Snowy.

So it seemed only right that the little guy should have his own white bear
to go on travels with and have adventures with.
And the good news is that now he has his own
I don't feel like I have to give him my Gilbert.
Because there are still times now
when only Gilbert will do
and I'm not sure I could give him away.

So there you have it,
the little guy's 'future' special bedtime toy.
If I have anything to say about it anyway.

Can't wait to see all your special bedtime toys.

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  1. Loving your gorgeous white bear and the little man's too. Thanks for picking me as your winner again too xx


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