pretty.little.things - favourite colour

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time at all,
will know that my favourite colour is white.
I adore it
and I love the little guy dressed up in it.
I especially loved him in white as a tiny newborn
looking all pure and perfect.

As he's got bigger
he doesn't wear as much white as he once did.
White is just not a practical colour for a little boy
who likes to crawl all day everyday
and who likes to feed himself.
White plus a (not quite) toddler is a recipe for disaster.

But I still get a lot of white in there.
And cream.
And grey.
He's got such a lovely healthy looking skin colour
that he looks great in paler colours.
So here he is, more gorgeous boy

in some of his best outfits of the pale variety.

So there you have it.
Can't wait to see all your favourite colours.

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  1. Ah what a lovely treat to be treated with not one but zillions of photos of the little man looking gorgeous. Indeed he does look lovely in white but I agree not a practical colour at all.
    I put Mads in a lovely little white t-shirt with birds on this morning, only to notice that Daddy had spilt her antibiotics all down it. Bright neon yellow. Great! Off and back in Pink!! xx

  2. He really does look delicious in white! I wish I could get away with dressing Frankie in white but she only stays clean for 5 minutes xx

  3. I too put Holly in White jeans this morning, and she has brown fluff from our rug all over them! I did cover her legs with a bib at lunchtime fearing ireemoveable stains! Love little man in White though!

  4. i love the on at the top with ears!

  5. Aw he deffo suits white, I don't put Josh in white anymore as he makes way too much mess lol x x


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