britmums brilliance in blogging awards

One year ago I was just about getting to grips with being a mummy.
I was spending a lot of time on my iPod trawling the internet,
while I sat at strange times of day and night feeding my beautiful boy.
And somewhere along the line I discovered parent blogs.

I had read blogs for a long time,
but had only really read home and lifestyle blogs.
Mummy blogs opened my eyes.
There really were people out there going through the same things I was.
And as someone who had always enjoyed writing,
and who liked recording everything
it seemed like a great way of capturing the memories I was afraid I'd lose,
and where I could put all my best snapshots together
and keep one big time capsule of my life as a mummy.

I started my blog for me.
I continue it for me.
And somewhere along the line I found followers and also friends.
Wonderful people who stop by my little piece of cyberspace,
who listen to my ramblings
and who offer help, advice, support, praise and congratulations just when I need it.
I love you all for that.

And then today I discover that I've made the short list 
And bigger wow,
I've been shortlisted in the Snap! category,
which as a photography addict makes my little heart soar.
And even bigger wow,
I'm listed with some of the blogs I love and admire most.
There are some seriously big players in that category
and I know that I will not win it in a hundred years.
But, WOW!!!

So thank-you to anyone who voted for me.
I'm so thrilled to make the short list and it has totally made my day.
If you want to vote for me it would be fantastic,
there is a badge over in my sidebar that will take you straight to the voting page,
although I'm not sure given the competition that I would even vote for myself!

Thank-you all you fabulous, wonderful, kind and lovely readers.
I'm definitely feeling the love today.


  1. You absolutely deserve to win Lucy, so there :-)

  2. Aw well done huni x

  3. Aww bet is feels amazing :)!! You deserve to be their as I love your photos xx

  4. Rightly so! I have nominated you for some MAD awards today too, including one for your amazing announcement, as your blog is brilliant! x

  5. Congratulations hun, very well deserved. love your PIC x

  6. well done Lucy you do take soooo many beautiful photos xx

  7. Well done on making the shortlist. Remember, you wouldn't be there if people didn't think you deserved it. You'd be as worthy a winner as everyone else. Good luck x

  8. Congratulations!! Your blog is gorgeous and I love your photos. Well done and well deserved!

  9. Big congratulations Lucy. It is so deserved.

    You can see all the hard work and time that you have put into your blog.

    Enjoy your moment!

    Laura xx

  10. Yay! It's super to see your lovely photos being recognised :D x

  11. Congratulations, your blog is beautiful and all of your photos are so brilliant too. xxx


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