inspired - beautiful bedrooms

I possibly should have called this post
"inspired - beautiful WHITE bedroom".
but if there is one room in my house which I think simply HAS to be white
then it is my bedroom.

White is calm.
It's relaxing.
It's clean and crisp.
And different tones of white and cream
make a room so cosy
and everything a bedroom should be.

I love my bedroom.
It's my favourite room in the whole house.
And it might be because I'm a perfectionist
and am always looking for ways to improve things.
Or it could because I'm so tired lately
that I have bed on the brain.
But today I'm going to share some beautiful bedroom inspiration.

I would love a canopy above our bed,
but we have a chandelier-type-affair above our bed at the moment
and I fear that a canopy might be too much.
But I would love one if and when we move somewhere with a big bedroom
where the light isn't directly above our bed.

I'm normally a fan of bedrooms with lots of lovely natural light
and this one feels a bit like a cave.
But it also seems such a nice warm, cosy cave
that I would like to crawl into that bed for a little sleep.

I'm trying to emulate this look on my bed
with an abundance of oversize blankets.
I'm getting there,
but I might just need a few more....!

This is my dream bedroom.
White - check. Clapboards - check.
Balcony - check. Sea view - check.
I love.

The space above our bed is a bit empty at present.
We had a very big, high headboard
but in the space above I want to do something similar to this.
I'm currently collecting different shapes and sizes of hearts to hang up there.
I can't wait until I have enough to hang them.

So that's my inspiration this week.
Can't wait to see what has inspired you.

(Picture One is my own.
Pictures Two, Three, Five and Six were found via Pinterest.
Picture Four is from A Beach Cottage.
Click on individual pictures for original source.)


  1. I've just started writing my Inspired post and it's also on bedrooms! I wish Dean would let us have a white bedroom but he likes a bit of colour.

    The one with all the blankets is making me feel all sleepy... I want to climb into it right now!

  2. If only I could make my bedroom look as pretty as yours! Am very jealous!

  3. I agree with Bryony, I love the one with the blankets, that looks so comfy. And your bedroom is pretty lovely as well, same colour as mine! x


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