I love spending time with my favourite people.
I live for spending time with my two favouritest people.
My hunky hubby
and my beautiful boy
make me get up every morning and smile.

I remember reading when I was younger
that you know that you really love someone 
when you are happy to just be,
as long as you're together.
And I definitely feel like this about my lovely boys.
Some days we can do absolutely nothing at all,
except hang out together at home,
and I will still go to bed with a big smile on my face
thinking that I'm the luckiest girl in the world;
that my husband rocks my world
and that my son lights up my life.
But I also know that happy family life doesn't just happen.
It takes effort and hard work
and sometimes means doing stuff that you really don't want to.
I know I won't look back on my life and think 
I wish I spent more time on the computer working on my blog,
but I don't want to look back thinking I wish I'd really enjoyed my family more.

So this year we have started a little mission.
A mission to make memories.
It sounds really cheesy I know,
but I want to look back at these years with our young family
and think that we lived life to the full
and gave our little guy some awesome memories.
Our mission to make memories isn't always easy.
It sometimes means rushing out of the house at weekends
when we would really like to mooch about all morning in our PJs.
It means leaving jobs that need doing unfinished,
and left to be completed another day.
But we have never once regretted our little mission
because it gives us a sense of togetherness
which we sometimes seem to loose during the week.
With a husband who is in and out of the house at all sorts of different times,
and all the different activities the little man and I go and do;
we get out of touch.
By making memories at weekends
we all touch base again.

We've been for nice walks at the coast,
we went sledging together - all three of us on one sledge,
we've done a little family photo shoot at home,
we've been to the park.
Nothing fancy or flash or expensive,
but fun.
And together.


  1. Families and children are like a savings account - you only get back what you put in, but put in a lot and your gain more interest!

    I'm always really chuffed when my 2 reminisce about things we did when they were little, and it is a popular topic of conversation over the dinner table when we are all home together!

  2. A very clever person once said "Enjoy the little things. One day you may look back and realise they were the big things." That's the reason I spend each and every day trying to encourage families to capture their memories. Your child won't remember the times you have together when they're grown, and it's a parent's obligation to create a legacy for them, so that they do...
    Helen, Founder of

  3. This is a lovely idea! we have done some really enjoyable family stuff the past few weekends and I intend on making a habit of it!!

    Jobs will always save themselves for another day!


  4. sometimes mooching around in pyjamas all morning IS the memory! I can remember doing this with my boys, and they remember them too, because they didn't happen very often. Especially if we did something silly like watching a film at 9.00am while eating toast...

  5. These are lovely photos, and I am very much doing the same this year. Just spending time enjoying my little family. x

  6. Ahhh you guys are so cute! That is such a lovely idea, I always think that I don't know when Iylas first memory will be so I need to make sure that every memory is a good one :) xx

  7. What great pics! Found your through the Cup 1/2 Full Link up :)

    Lauren Rebecca

  8. I love this "mission to make memories" idea. I feel the same way. I don't want to miss out of doing fun things and adventures with my husband and son just because it take a little more effort. This is a time in our life we'll never get back and I too want to make the most of it. Thanks for sharing this!!

  9. love it, and it challenges me to think of new activities to do together as a family. I can relate that it is hard to "make the time" sometimes..but we are creating memories for our kiddos and family and it is SO important!! thanks for sharing...your little man is adorable! :)


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