inspired - alphabet art work

We decorated the little guys bedroom before he was born.
We made it deliberately neutral,
partly because we didn't know if Dollop would be a boy or a girl,
and partly because I wanted the bedroom to be something that Dollop could grow into.

Well Dollop became our beautiful boy,
and in the not to distant future
Splodge will become his little brother or sister.
And that beautiful boy is going to be welcoming a little brother or sister in to his bedroom.
We're hoping to move early next year
so hopefully the sharing arrangement won't be for too long.
But it has got me thinking about making the nursery a bit more "kiddy".

We framed a load of family pictures
so that we could have little conversations with our little person
about who all his family are.
And much as I like the pictures
I've been starting to think that perhaps some kid friendly artwork might be better.

And once a teacher, always a teacher.
So I'd really like some educational type artwork
that, like the bedroom decor,
can grow with my babies and also help their learning too.
So this week I'm sharing some lovely, inspiring alphabet artwork that I've found.

I like the fact that this could be made to fit in with any nursery colour scheme,
just by using different colour paints.

I love this.
And it too, could be made to fit any colour scheme.
But I fear it would take me FOREVER to collect that many different styles of letter.

This one is handmade using fabric scraps and photos,
which I think is fab because you can personalise it.

I think this little set of three canvases is cute,
especially as it has a little picture for each letter too,
which would make it fun for learning new words.

I really love this idea.
It's so simple and cute
and you could move the letters around to make words
which would be really fun.
Now I just need to find some letter flash cards as cute as these ones.

Can't wait to see what has been inspiring all of you lately.

(All photos found via Pinterest. Click on individual pictures for original source.)

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