close up

I often wish I could capture every single tiny detail of my beautiful boy
and preserve them forever so that I could never forget;
the way his hair smells,
the way his skin felt when he was a newborn,
the look on his face when he first felt the wind.

That's sort of why I started blogging
and is probably why I love photographing him so much,
in some attempt to catch that moment
and then keep that memory.

Take pictures of him in close up isn't as easy as it once was.
He's so wriggly now,
and cheeky.
As soon as the camera appears
he is desperate to grab the lens cap,
and then it's hard to focus.

But to get this picture
I let him hold the lens cap.
It kept him close and still(ish)
and pretty happy by the look on his face.

I love that you can see the length of his lovely eyelashes.
I love that it's captured the exact colour of his chocolatey eyes.
I love that you can see how incredibly perfect his skin is,
and how he has a little blue vein visible across the bridge of his nose
(and I especially love that because I have it too!)


  1. BeauTiful face on a beautiful boy x

  2. This is a gorgeous photo, what a sweetie! x

  3. I feel the exact same way about our daughter and often find myself trying to take mental pictures of the smallest moments. It really is a fleeting time, isn't it?

  4. Lovely lashes, beautiful boy x

  5. Beautiful boy. Such a natural shot. x

  6. What a fantastic shot, and thise eyelashes really are stunning!

  7. So adorable! He is such a sweetheart. And he has the most amazing skin, so smooth and perfect.

  8. Aw that is so lovely! A beautiful photo and lovely words!

  9. Such a beautiful natural it x

  10. Little cutiepie!

  11. Gorgeous photo! Boys always have such long lashes! Not fair!!

  12. gorgeous boy! just lovely x

  13. Beautiful photo

    Lou :-)

  14. What a cracker - he'll break some hearts! That's a really gorgeous photo of a beautiful boy. I love the way you have described it as well - had to scroll up to look again at each of the features you mentioned!

  15. He really is one Beautiful Boy who really can take a good close up!

  16. this is a really lovely close up photo :)


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