ten weeks new

Ten whole weeks had passed and we were in to double figures.

Mummy took you to the doctors for your check up and first set of injections.
The doctor was really pleased with how well you were doing
and you cooed and smiled at him for the whole appointment
so it was hardly surprising that he thought you were great.
You were definitely not a fan of having your injections
and Mummy felt like the biggest bully holding you as you flinched away from the needle.
Fortunately you seemed to get over it pretty quickly
with the help of a cuddle and a toy to look at.

You went along to your first dancing lesson.
Or rather you went along to Mummy's dancing lesson
to meet everybody.
You enjoyed watching the girls doing their ballet
and seemed to find the music and all the cuddles very relaxing.
Mummy couldn't wait until you got to go to dance lessons of your own one day
and it was scary to think that it would be no time at all before you were old enough to.


  1. She is gorgeous- can't wait to meet her.

  2. She is such a doll! That will be so fun to take her to her own ballet lessons soon.


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