six weeks new

You were getting so big, literally.

You hit your six week growth spurt
and had turned into a milk monster.
You seemed to want to feed all the time
and it was even disturbing your sleep.
Which was very frustrating and tiring for us
because you had always been such a good sleeper
and we had got used to it.

You had outgrown all of your newborn size clothes
and were all beautifully chubby.
You were fast losing that 'newborn look' too
and were starting to look more like a baby girl.

We had started to put you down in the big cot for your naps
and you seemed to really like the extra space.
You definitely liked to spread out when you were sleeping
and would be like a true starfish in your slumber.

You had such an alert face
and would stare at people's faces intently.
You would turn towards our voices when we spoke,
and by our, we mean Mummy, Daddy and your big brother.
You were clearly a big fan of your older brother
because you would often stop grizzling at the sound of his voice
and would move your head and eyes to watch him running around.
You were smiling more and more
and always in response to a big smiley face from us
or a sing-song voice.
It was so lovely to see you learning and interacting more
and we enjoyed any opportunity to just stare at you and smile with you.


  1. Lovely post and beautiful photographs. She has the same big, brown eyes as her brother - very sweet! x

    1. Thank-you. She definitely has the same big eyes, although hers are a grey-blue instead of brown (although they don't look it in that photo). I am still wondering if they will change but for now they are a lovely beautiful and unusual colour. x

  2. Wow what big brown eyes she has! I love that she recognises a,l your voices but its her brothers which makes her stop and smile :) x

    1. It's so cute how she's already fascinated by him. And he will definitely be especially adorable when he knows she is watching. x

  3. She is getting so big isn't she. Just adorable. Sounds like you're all getting on famously. x

    1. She really is. Its all happening so fast but loving every minute. x


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