bedtime {see it snap it love it}

Bedtime has to be a favourite time of day for most mummies.
I adore spending the day with my children
but its so lovely when they are both snuggled up in their beds
meaning I can have some valuable down time.

Of course the moment when they are actually both in bed
is preceded by two hours of crazy.
Dinner, bath, PJs, story time and milk all has to be done first,
times two!
On the nights when the hubby is around to help it feels like we've run a marathon,
on the nights when I'm solo I feel like I've done that entire marathon 
running uphill
whilst carrying weights.

So I didn't photograph actual bedtime.
I photographed some bed time.
My two babies hanging out in the best place ever,

I loved the 'Smile' photos last week
what a great happy little theme it was.
I didn't choose a winner because I was running so late with putting this post together.
So I'll pick the next theme
or rather the beautiful boy just did.
He's obsessed with counting right now
and yells "ten" in the cutest way ever.
So there is next weeks theme;

But this week is about 'Bedtime'
so get linking up and linking back.
It doesn't have to be a specific post
you can share a photo from another post that fits the bill,
just make sure you link back here
and share some comment love with the other entries.

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  1. Just lovin her little blue jean skirt you have on her...adorable.

  2. There is nothing like watching your babies play together xx

  3. Sweet picture! Just spotted a teddy that Alfie used to have! There is the odd occasion that Alf wants Robb to read his bedtime story which is soo cute and also gives me twenty minutes time out! haa! x

  4. Lovely colours - and there's nothing quite like a new baby to make a toddler look far older! He looks like he's very loving towards his little sister x

  5. Lovely pic! One for them to look back on when they are much older! Love the quilt and colours of the bedspread too :)

  6. It's great to see them so happy together! I can only just imagine the marathon at bedtime x


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