seven weeks new

You had grown so much lately.

You were hardly recognisable as the same little girl
who we had bought home from the hospital seven short weeks before.
You were shooting up through the growth lines for weight, height and head circumference
and were clearly flourishing.
That week of living with a milk monster
had clearly had the desired affect
and you had been using all the extra milk to do plenty of growing.

You were practising that beautiful smile of yours more and more.
You smiled so freely at different people now
which was lovely to see.
You had completely charmed everyone with that big cheesy grin,
it could light up a whole room
and we could see that it would probably be hard to say no to such a happy little face.

You were starting to laugh too
which was the cutest, most adorable
and totally goofy thing ever.
Because you smiled with such a big open mouth
your giggles came out sounding really loud and funny.
The more we laughed and smiled at your giggle and grin
the more you did them,
so we had found ourselves having some lovely little giggle parties with our beautiful girl.


  1. Oh look at her beautiful face. She's changing so much x

    1. She's definitely growing into a little girl face now rather than having a newborn one, x

  2. How can she be seven weeks old already?! That's like two months, which is a sixth of a year! It just goes so quickly, she is gorgeous though :) xx

    1. I know, tell me about it! I'll be planning another first birthday before I know it. X

  3. Oh she is definitely growing! They do it way too fast!

    1. They do. I can't believe how much she's changed in such a small period of time. X

  4. Indeed you do have beautiful babies! Look forward to seeing more of them!

  5. OH she is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Aah the giggles, they are amazing! She is just beautiful! x

    1. The giggles are the cutest. Such a happy little noise, it's impossible not to smile. X

  7. What a beautifully happy little girl! Just wonderful :)


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