nine weeks new

It seemed incredible to think you had been in the world for two months already.

You were growing up so fast
and we're getting so big
that some of your 0-3 month clothes were already starting to look like they wouldn't last much longer.
Even your hair suddenly seemed to be growing really quickly.
This was a really good thing
given that the front of your hair had fallen out after you were born
and it had left you looking like a monk.
Now your whole head was covered in soft brown hair
and Mummy was already dreaming of the day she would french plait it for you.

You could be a little pickle sometimes during the day
and would often fight proper naps.
You might have really short little cat naps
and then wake up again
as if you were afraid you would miss something.
But you always went to bed in the evening so quickly and quietly
and were super easy to settle if you woke in the night,
so we couldn't really complain.

Your big brother was totally used to you now
and would run up to us if your cried saying "baby sad".
He loved blowing you kisses
and giving you cuddles
and would show you toys
and rock you in your chair or car seat.

Time was just flying by as a family of four
and it was already hard to remember what life had been like before you came along.
You made us feel so happy and so proud.


  1. Really nice to read this, as I remember how worried you were when you were expecting, and how so many mums reassured you that though you couldn't love your little boy more, you certainly wouldn't love the new one less! The heart expands...

    1. Thank-you. The heart certainly does expand. I already can't remember what it was like before she came along. She's such a treasure it would be impossible not to love her. x

  2. Super cute! I love seeing them both together. The first picture is an absolute winner!

    1. Ahhh, I love seeing them together too. They just make my heart swell with pride. x

  3. You have such beautiful children! It is fun to see how close in age our children are. My little one will be 2 months this coming week.

    1. Aww thank-you. I always think its lovely following blogs of people with similar age children. x

  4. This is a lovely post, my daughter is 9 weeks old this week and I can relate to the very short naps, you described it perfectly because it is as if Milly is afraid that she's going to miss something.


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