a big beautiful boy woke up
his sleep was disturbed
and he wanted his mummy . . .

. . . curling up next to him
on his new big boy bed,
she stroked his hair
and said "night night beautiful boy. it's sleepy time"
"sweet dreams" he whispered back
as he lay his head on the pillow . . .

they both closed their eyes.
she breathed in his baby smell
and wondered when that small baby,
who had smelt just like this,
had gotten so big . . .

. . . every few moments he opened his eyes,
just checking she was still there.
"mummy" he would murmur
and a hand would reach out to touch her face

he rolled . . . 
snuggling in close
so that as much of him 
was cuddled up 
to as much of her as possible . . .

. . . she lay a protective hand on his shoulder
"i love you" she whispered
and he snuggled in even closer still.

. . . she missed him . . .
those long cuddling baby hours
those empty stretches of afternoon just the two of them
she needed this . . . 

. . . and so she squeezed him in a little tighter,
gently stroked his hair
and fought back the tears . . .
sad, missing tears
and happy, loving tears too.

he laced his baby fingers into hers
and in that moment she knew
that he was enjoying this just like she was,
that he didn't want it to end just yet . . .

. . . and that there was nowhere else in the world
that either of them would rather be.


  1. Awwwww . I can't write much as this has me almost in tears, but I know , I know!! (Hugs) x x

    1. Thanks hun, it's nice to know that somebody else gets it. Its a strange feeling feeling like you spend all day with your child but still feel like you're missing them somehow. X

  2. Beautiful, sat at work trying not to cry right now. Those moments are so special xx

    1. There is nothing quite like this moments when you realise that they love you like crazy just like you love them. X

  3. Tears in my eyes sat at my desk at work. Had to stop reading half way through to breathe! Sad but happy, lovely and precious x

    1. Ahhh, thank-you. I'm glad you liked it, but sorry you couldn't breathe!!! X

  4. This is just beautiful! I totally understand...and feel exactly the same about my 22 month old. Wasn't able to fight back the tears!

    1. Ahhh, it's just such a crazy powerful love, it's beautiful when you get those moments when you realise they are crazy about you too. And it's so bittersweet that they grow up so fast. X

  5. This is a lovely post Lucy, and I constantly am having moments like this at the moment, where I know our lives are about to change and I want to keep her like this forever.x

    1. It's strange, because as happy as I am with our two beautiful babies, I do miss my little man and just love the opportunities we get now when it's back to being just the two of us. X

  6. I had exactly that moment in the car earlier. We had to take another little one to preschool this morning so Sammy's car seat was in the front. We held hands all the way and he kept glancing over to me, in silence, and smiled knowingly. LUSH! xxxx

    1. Ahhhh, that is lush. I think sometimes the busy stuff in life makes you appreciate those little moments more. X

  7. Gorgeous Lucy. I've been doing a lot of this recently with O. He's been waking up with funny dreams quiet frequently and as a result has needed me around. The look on his face tonight when I said I would stay with him was priceless. x

    1. It's funny how you can suddenly enjoy those moments when they wake up, because it means you get quiet time together. X


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