smile {see it snap it love it}

Children tend to smile with everything they have.
My beautiful boy smiles from his eyes first.
He always has done.
As a baby he would smile with half his mouth
and then it would spread to the other side gradually.
But it was always there in his eyes.

I was really hoping to have a photo of the beautiful girl to share this week.
Her smile is so gorgeous and still so new,
but she saves it for faces and sing-song voices
and as soon as a camera appears the moment is gone.
But let me tell you
her smile is a real stunner.
She actually beams.
Her whole face commits to it.
Her eyes sparkle,
her nose wrinkles,
her mouth opens wide in a great big gummy grin.
I WILL get a photo soon.

I found last weeks 'Music' theme really tricky,
but you guys clearly didn't
as there were lots of lovely photos linked up.
Jess at Catch a Single Thought was the Photo of the Week for 'Play' the week before
and she has chosen next weeks theme
which will be 'Bedtime'.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the 'Smile' photos linked up.
So get snapping and posting,
link back here and link up below.
Then try to comment on some of the other entries when you get a chance
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  1. Handsome boy as always, love the new improved blog, I have changed your badge on my blog to reflet you new blog for both beautiful babies xxx

    1. Ahh thanks hun. I happen to think he's pretty handsome too! ;)
      And thanks for updating your badge, it seemed about time I updated to reflect our new family. X

  2. Yes definately you little one smiles with his eyes!! My grandson here is the same one...makes for great photography☺ When it reaches to their soul!

    1. You're right, it's great to photograph a lovely pair of smiley eyes. X

  3. Beautiful smile! His eyes are just gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see Beautiful Girls smile. Hope you are well! x

    1. She's been smiling a lot today but she WILL NOT play ball with the camera. She clearly didn't get the memo on needing to perform for the camera in this family. :) x

  4. You can really see the smile in his eyes, just gorgeous. Can't wait to see a picture of the Beautiful Girls smile x

    1. He's got such expressive eyes, it's one of the best things about him. His daddy is the same.
      And I'm trying my hardest to get that girl's smile in a photo. X

  5. Hehe I love the angle of this photo...really captures his cheeky side!

    1. I don't get much choice on angles these days. I just have to snap as he bombs around at a million miles an hour. Hehe. X

  6. I can't wait to see a photo of the Beautiful Girl's smile- I wonder if it will be as cute as DBB's? x

    1. I want a photo so badly. It's such a big cheesy grin that you can't help but smile. I'll get a photo eventually. X

  7. Beautiful picture. Such a lovely smile.

    Herding Cats

  8. I'm sure you will capture your Beautiful Girl's smile very soon and there's nothing like those toothless baby smiles! Beautiful Boy definitely has very smiley eyes too!

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