three weeks new

You were growing and changing so much.

You had already outgrown some of your tiniest babygrows,
which was incredible as you still seemed so tiny and new to us.
But at the same time
we couldn't really imagine life without you now,
it was as if you had always been part of the family.

You were increasingly more and more alert and awake
and everybody commented on it
as well as how content you were.
The health visitor was amazed at how much you were focusing on things
and tracking things that moved.
You liked to watch our fingers wriggle in front of your face,
and of course to watch your big brother running around.

You had been born with really big hands
and you seemed to be really expressive with them.
You loved being snuggled up in a blanket
but you did like to have your hands free to wave around.
We wondered whether you might end up being a thumb sucker
because you had found your thumbs on a few occasions
and enjoyed a good chew.

We were dressing you in proper clothes during the day
and it made you looks so much more grown up to see you out of your white babygrows.
It was a learning curve for Daddy
as he tried to work out little girl clothes and outfits.
But Mummy was enjoying getting you some new clothes
and making you look very cute and trendy.

You were starting to enjoy your baths more
and now that you were sharing your baths with your big brother
you were being shown all sorts of bath toys
as well as getting your feet tickled under the water.
We had started doing some baby massage with you as well
and seemed to really enjoy it,
as your body would go very still and relaxed when we were doing it
and then you would wriggle with excitement.


  1. Aww she's beautiful and I think she looks very much like her big brother. They both have the same eyes x

    1. She does definitely have her brothers eye shape, but his are chocolatey brown and hers are a navy grey-blue. We said as soon as she was born that she had his big eye shape, which they both get from me. :) x

  2. That first photo is to die for - beautiful!

    1. Thanks, I was really pleased with it, she looks so awake and cute. X

  3. I can't believe how alert she is just from the photos- it is lovely reading these updates because you forget how quickly they change when they are newborn. It is nice to see some photos of her with her eyes open.


    1. She is getting very alert now, and making it easier for mummy to get some eyes open photos. For the first two weeks she seemed to go to sleep when I got the camera out. X

  4. Wow beautiful photo's and she is such an alert little lady. I immediately saw your husband in the first photo too! x

    1. We get glimpses of us in her, but not like her bro who was a daddy clone to begin with. She's really getting alert and nosey now, such a fun stage. X

  5. So gorgeous! And you can definitely see the similarities between her and the Beautiful Boy! x

    1. They look similar sometimes and totally different other times. I'm sure she'll look a bit like each of us at some point. X


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