the story of splodge and me

There are few things that impress me
in quite the same way that pregnancy does.
Having been through it twice now,
it still hasn't lost any of the sparkle or magic for me.
What the female body goes through in pregnancy is just amazing;
the growth, the changes,
and the making of a tiny human.

When I was pregnant with the beautiful boy I didn't record my pregnancy at all
and that is something that I still deeply regret.
It wasn't a conscious decision to not take any photographs
it just didn't happen.
And that is one thing about blogging that I am extremely glad about;
my pregnancy with the beautiful girl has been captured.

* * *

Having opted for a little surprise
it's interesting to look back now
and think about the differences between my two pregnancies.
While there were a lot of similarities between the two
there were also quite a few differences.

I was a very similar size and shape with both,
with a big round bump
and no extra weight anywhere else.
I craved the same foods at similar stages.
I avoided morning sickness both times.
I had lovely clear skin and bouncy hair with both.

But while my chest did nothing at all during my pregnancy with the little man,
it seemed to balloon this time around.
My toe nails grew out all ridged the first time
but didn't this time,
and last time my leg hair grew really fast
while this time it didn't change from normal.
And I only remember this the other day,
but I had a dark linea nigra with him from 4 months pregnant
which never materialised with her.

So maybe the signs were there.
The poll that ran in my side bar sided with a pink bundle,
and the guesses that everyone made in the later stages
seemed every so slightly more in favour of a girl.

* * *

At the end of my pregnancy I felt like I had been huge forever,
I really couldn't remember how small I had once been.
And I couldn't imagine ever being small again.
I'd become so used to the huge tummy
and I just couldn't imagine not having it.

I absolutely loved being pregnant for most of both my pregnancies.
I am one of those lucky ladies
and I tend to glow in pregnancy
and on the whole it's very kind to me.
Although I have to say that I stopped enjoying it earlier this time around.
I think the novelty value doesn't play quite such a big part the second time around,
plus you are more aware of what comes at the end
and I think that made me feel a lot more impatient.
With the beautiful boy, I enjoyed the whole process of being pregnant
I even missed my bump when he arrived.
But with the beautiful girl, I was just desperate to meet the little person I was housing,
and I am exceedingly happy to not have a bump anymore.

But my body did its job fantastically.
It got my baby girl through 39 weeks and 6 days of growing,
before delivering her both safely into the outside world
where she can continue her growth for us all to see.

. . . I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one who just find that whole thing incredible . . .

Pregnancy and child birth make me feel so proud.
They are amazing.
They have their hard parts, don't get me wrong,
but when you really think about what is happening,
what the human body is doing,
what is being created
it's just . . .


  1. Sweet post, I love the photos of your growing belly!

    1. Thank-you. I love seeing the pictures together like this. It makes me so glad that I took them all. X

  2. I completely agree. I love pregnancy and am in awe of what my body is capable of throughout the whole process. Still enjoying this time so much but have a long way to go still. x

    1. The female body is just so clever when it's growing a baby. Love it. X

  3. What a lovely post and gorgeous pictures. I'm trying to do that this time around but never thought to wear the same thing. x

    1. It's so nice to have the pictures to look back at how much I grew. And I'm glad I wore the same outfit, makes it far easier to compare. I even put the camera in exactly the seme place so that I'd be at the same angle for each one. X

  4. Pictures are fantastic such a wonderful way to document your pregnancy and changing body - fascinating too! xx

    1. Thank-you. I find it fascinating to look at now and see how I changed. X

  5. this is the cutest thing EVER!! i love seeing your whole journey right here!

    1. Awww, thanks. Its quite incredible when you see it all in pictures like this. X

  6. This is lovely, and proof as to why bump photos are so special.
    Showing these to beautiful girl when she is older, and pregnant herself (sorry to jump so ahead to the future) will be amazing, especially if you can encourage her to do the same and then you could compare)
    I'm amazed at how high your bump was all the time. Mine seemed to be around my knees the majority of the time! xx

    1. They are a great record, and I hadn't even thought how nice they might be for her to see one day. Thats so sweet. X

  7. What a lovely post and a great story indeed- I love how Splodge came by 40 weeks so you could have the last bump photo with her. Pregnancy surely is the most amazing thing- sometimes I pinch myself most days about the fact there is a miracle growing inside me.
    My pregnancy is so far proving to be very similar- bar the fact I am bigger and getting a bit more aches and pains this time around it is all about the same in regards to sickness etc. I didn't get heartburn last time and as yet I haven't. My belly button hasn't popped out but just disappears so it looks like I haven't got a belly button at all. I got the linea negra with mads last time, but it wasn't at all further along so it will be interesting to see if I get it with bug.

    1. I was so glad she was here for week 40 as well. I remember thinking when I took week 38's picture that I really didn't want to have to take a photo on week 40. But I have to say week 40 is my favourite!!! She arrived just in time for it, bless her. x

  8. Oh, what a great post! I saw another blogger do a similar collage of pictures with their baby bump. My husband and I are thinking about having another baby and I am curious how that pregnancy will go as compared to my first.

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