fleeting moments

I have no doubt that I am more chilled out as a mummy of a newborn this time around.
I hate to hear her cry but I don't frantically jump up at the slightest whimper.
I'm more relaxed about the advice I'm given because I have some experience of my own to call on.
But I think the main reason I'm so much more chilled this time is
because I know how temporary it all is;
how fleeting this first stage of life is;
how quickly it is over and long forgotten.

When you are in the midst of trying to calm a distraught newborn
it feels like the end of the world,
but it ends.
And before you know it you have a chilled out toddler
who rarely cries because they can communicate with you.

When you are in the first few days of breastfeeding and it kills
and you feel like you are constantly tied to the sofa with a baby attached to you,
it can feel suffocating to be so needed.
But then before you know it it's as easy as breathing,
and as quickly again it's all over,
and if you're anything like me,
you find yourself missing it a bit.

When you are getting up at night to feed a crying baby,
and are practically asleep on your feet,
it feels like forever since you last had a proper night of sleep.
But it doesn't last forever.

Broken sleep and night feeds feel like torture,
that distressed newborn cry is heartbreaking,
growth spurts and trapped wind send you into a tail spin,
the fragility of that tiny baby is terrifying
but they don't last.
None of it does,
and this time around I am so much more aware of how fleeting these newborn days are.

The nature of being a parent is all so temporary.
Everything changes so quickly
and you move on
and you forget.

Looking after the beautiful girl
brings back a lot of memories and nostalgia from when I first had the beautiful boy.
The way their newborn skin is so perfect and soft,
the smell of sweet milky baby breath,
the tiny nappies,
the dinky babygrows . . .
Memories of my big boy as a baby have all come flooding back
and I've realised just how much he has changed
and how fast those first days and weeks and months flew by.

So however stressful having a new baby might seem at times
I know that its all temporary
and that it all changes in the blink of an eye.
I know that the difficulties get easier,
and new difficulties pop up in their place.
And that makes it a whole lot easier to be chilled out
about the trial and tribulations of having a newborn,
because she simply won't be a newborn forever.

I know that however daunting it is to be a mummy sometimes,
that in what seems like a matter of minutes
I will have a toddling girl
and a fully fledged little boy on my hands.
And as much as I can't wait to see that,
I'm also happy to enjoy this moment in time,
these fleeting moments
of being a newborn family,
however tricky,
because it's all part of the journey.
And I know that the journey doesn't hang around.


  1. I know having squish here will make me realise just how big Dylan is and it must be the same for you now the BG is here. Hope you enjoy the newborn phase a little bit longer x

    1. Having number two does make you even more aware of how fast it all goes by. I'm trying my hardest to savour it more this time and just enjoy it and not wish it away. X

  2. The newborn stage is amazing but can be stressful. Still I am really excited to experience it again, and I want to make sure I savour every minute because it does go so quick. Xx

    1. It's funny, but I do think your savour and appreciate it more the second time because you are do aware of how quickly it is over. X

  3. That's so true. I remember when my daughter was born it felt like the newborn stage would last forever but two years on I don't know where the time has gone. If I'm lucky enough to have another I would definitely try to savour each moment more x

    1. I think it's the difficulty and stress that first time around and it feels like it'll be that way forever. But you quickly learn that it is gone in a flash. X

  4. Such a lovely post! Lovely photos. I can't wait until we have another baby in the house.

    1. Thank-you. It's lovely having two, but you make the most of that tiny little one you've got. He won't stay that way for long. X

  5. Sob, you're so right. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Gorgeous photo.

    1. Awww, thank-you. I'm definitely making the effort to enjoy it all so much more this time. Night feeds are a killer, but they don't last so I'm just enjoying the quiet mummy-daughter time. X

  6. Lovely post! First time Mum's should read this. It would help them realise how quickly things change. I remember when Bob had colic and I thought that it would last forever. x

    1. Thank-you. That first time you are just so clueless that you worry about everything and think it will always be so scary. But they get big so quickly, so I'm trying my best to make the most of the teeny stage this time, however much hard work it is. X


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