big brother

Becoming a big brother or sister is kind of a big deal.
Your entire world changes in an instant.
You have to share your mummy and daddy.
You get someone to share your childhood with.
And I think it worries most second-time parents,
at least a little bit,
to think of all the big changes to their first born's existence.

I can honestly say that I never really worried
about how the beautiful boy would react to Splodge's arrival.
He is such a happy, independent and chilled out child
and he is too young to even understand what jealousy is.
I knew we wouldn't see any bad behaviour as a result of his new brother or sister.

But I did worry about how it would make him feel
and also how it would affect our relationship.
It had always been him and me against the world
and I had liked our little club.
I knew I wouldn't have the time to dedicate to that anymore
but I didn't want to lose what we had.

Fortunately my big gorgeous boy has taken to being a big brother brilliantly.
He has never once shown even a hint of feeling like he's left out of things,
and while he initially seemed a bit disinterested in his baby sister
and would just say 'baby' and walk away,
he is increasingly becoming really interested in her.

He gets up in the morning and looks for her.
He demands we go back and say goodnight to her in the evenings when he goes to bed.
He likes to stroke her hair.
He tickles her feet with a cheeky smile when they are in the bath.
He comes to watch whenever she is being changed.
He will "shhh" her when she cries.
He rocks her car seat while we get things ready to leave the house.
He is gradually getting his tongue around saying her name instead of just 'baby'.
And he has finally had cuddles with her.

We didn't push cuddles in the early days.
As desperate as I was for pictures of my baby girl in my baby boy's lap,
I wanted it to be something that happened when he was keen and ready.
And he was so incredibly proud and protective of her when it finally happened
that I am extremely glad we waited.
He protectively laid his hand on her chest 
and they grinned at each other in a way which brought tears to my eyes and totally melted my heart. 

If it's even possible,
I think that seeing him with her makes me love him even more.
He is just so sweet and caring towards her
and it absolutely fills me with pride.

Seeing their relationship develop was and is the thing I look forward to most about having two children.
It warms my heart to think that whatever happens
they will always have each other.
That they have a playmate and friend for life in one another.


  1. I am a complete loser- I know it is just hormones and the fact that I am hopefully going to go through this very soon, but I am sat at my desk at work like a loser getting all teary.
    What a lovely post, and I think that DBB makes the most amazing big bro.
    PS love your new blog layout which includes the DBG!

    1. I'm sure the hormones and the fact you will be going through all is yourself soon are what made you a bit teary... and that is totally allowed. I'm so proud of the big brother that my little man is becoming; he is so sweet with her. X

  2. Really lovely post. I worry how a new addition would affect my feelings or how it would affect little Z but DBB sounds like he's taking it all on his stride and he loves her to bits :)

    1. I think a lot of it has to do with how you approach it. We didn't make a particularly big deal out of it and he just seems to have got on with things like its the most natural and normal thing in the world. x

  3. Awwww those photos are so adorable Lucy! Takes me right back. What a lovely positive post I am pleased it is all going well for the four of you x x

    1. I am so pleased it's going well for us too. :) It's always a worry that it won't I guess. I still have to fight the urge to pinch myself a lot of the time. x

  4. Really lovely post and I hope my little dude is a fantastic big brother too. x

    1. Thank-you. And I'm sure he will be. I think there is a lot to be said for a gap so small that they aren't big enough to really understand what is going on. Plus I think most of their adjustment is led by how you deal with it, and if you are chilled about it then they will be too. x

  5. Aww Lucy, you have the most beautiful babies and sounds like the beautiful boy as adapted nicely to his role of 'big brother' xxxxx p.s - love the new blog layout and photos of the beautiful girl :) xxx

    1. Thanks hun. I'm so proud of how great he's been and it's lovely watching him get more and more interested in her. X

  6. Gorgeous post and gorgeous new blog look! Love it! x

    1. Thank-you. It seemed about time I updated the blog to include both my babies. X

  7. Lucy, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back from Tell Me Tuesdays.
    Thank you for this post. My little man is going to be a big brother soon and I've felt the same way about it not being " us against the world" anymore. This made me tear up and made me so excited to see the relationship between my kids develop. Being a mom is the best, isn't it?


    1. Ahhh, hi Jessie. So glad you popped by. And I'm glad you liked the post. It's a nervous time thinking of all the changes when you have another baby. I know I was worried for me as much as for him as I just adored spending time with him so much. I still do, but I also love that I give up some of our time so that he can bond with his sister, the two of them make me so proud. X

  8. melt my heart, your little boy is the sweetest!! i am so glad he is doing so good with baby sister. and these pictures are priceless. :)

    1. Awww thank-you. I'm so glad it's been a smooth transition for him.
      And I love those pictures to. X


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