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One of the best things about being a toddler
has to be that every single toy
has infinite possibilities.
When you can't read the instructions on how to play with something
the possibilities for how you actually play with it are endless.

What may look like a basket
makes a very fetching hat.
What may look like a box of mini books
can be used to creat towers or to practise balancing.
What looks like an activity cube
makes a great hiding place.

All the animal entries last week were great,
so many different animals
and lots of cute children with the animals too.
I chose this entry as Photo of the Week
mainly because I loved the photos she chose of her little boy demonstrating his love of animals.
It reminded me of a little boy not that far from me,
who is also a big animal lover.
(The Photo of the Week winners badge code is on the See It Snap It Love It page.)

So the next theme challenge
as set by Sabrina is 'Music'

But this week is all about 'Play' photos.
So get posting and linking up,
don't forget to link back or add the badge,
and tweet your links to @dear_beautiful_ for a retweet.
And I'm sure the other people joining in would love a comment on their posts.

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  1. He has the best smile! I can certainly relate to the wonders of what you can use different toys for other than their stated use. We have found ourselves walking around with bowls on our head before!

    1. Non-toys makes the best toys ever. A bucket is currently a hat in this house. X

  2. I love the way you write your posts. Such a cute smile!

  3. He is such a cutie Lucy and looking so grown up these days! I LOVE the innocence of kids and how their imagination is a world of endless possibilities xx

    1. He is getting do big and grown up, and so clever with it. Everything is a potential toy or game to play. X

  4. Great picture. I love the way children are only limited by their imaginations

    Herding Cats

    1. Exactly, it's such a shame when they lose that. The world must be so much more fun when you can imagine anything. X


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