your twentieth month

You were growing up so fast.

It seemed like something we said a lot all of a sudden
but you definitely seemed more and more like a big boy
and less and less like a baby.
Not least because in your twentieth month
you became a big brother.

You were great at it
just like you seemed to be with everything that did.
You were pretty disinterested in your baby sister a lot of the time
but you did like to stroke her hair
and would blow her kisses
which was completely adorable.
When she cried you would either tell us she was "Noisy baby"
or say "cuddle" to us
until we picked her up and stopped her crying.

Your speech was coming on in leaps and bounds
and it seemed like you talked non stop from the moment that you woke up
until the moment that you went to bed.
You were using increasingly more words together in your sentences
and were really good at making yourself understood.
You would always greet people by saying "Hello. You alright?"
which never failed to raise a smile from everyone.
And when saying goodbye you would also say "See you soon."

Your obsession with numbers continued
and you counted constantly.
You recognised all the numbers
and never seemed to tire of pointing them out in your surroundings.
We bought you an abacus to play with
and you loved to sit and count ten beads time and time again.

You also absolutely loved playing with flashcards and books
and pointing out all the different words that you knew.
Mummy was worried that people would think she was a pushy parent
but you just seemed to love learning new things.

But it wasn't all work and no play
and you were a hilarious little bundle of energy and laughter.
You loved dancing whenever you heard music
including when you were out with Daddy and saw a busker;
you decided to stop and show of your best moves
leaving Daddy looking very embarrassed as he had no change to give to the busker.

You loved nothing better than to laugh
and to see us laugh
so you would do silly things repeatedly for laughs;
like spinning around until you were so dizzy you would fall over,
or chasing the cats around the house while making cat noises at them,
or tickling our feet,
or insisting on finding everyone's belly buttons.
You were a crazy little monkey
and we absolutely loved how much your character was coming out.


  1. LHe sounds very lovely, He sounds like he has such a friendly personality! It's kind of reassuring me to read that he's accepted beautiful girl almost instantly. It gives me hope that maybe z will too once a new sibling comes along!

    1. He is a very happy friendly little thing, but even still we were a bit worried how it would all go when the baby came. He's been a star, and I'm sure Z will be too. X

  2. What a lovely little boy. You must be bursting with pride. I really must start writing a diary of Miss C, they are changing so fast at this age x

    1. Thank-you he is amazing. And I'd definitely recommend keeping a diary; I did it weekly for the first year and now do it monthly and it's so nice to look back at. X

  3. Aaahh! You write the sweetest of posts! His eyes in the last pic?uuuumazing!!

    1. Thank-you. And I have to say I adore his eyes, so big and dark and gorgeous. X

  4. Sounds like he is a great big brother and I love the photo of him reading x

    1. He's been a star with his sister. And he's such a book worm, he'd spend all day with his nose in a book if he could. X


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