two weeks new

Two weeks seemed to have flown by.

And we were all really getting to know each other now
which was really lovely.

We had learned that you really liked to be warm and snuggly.
You always seemed happiest when you were having a cuddle under one of your blankets,
and you liked to be really cosy when you were sleeping or you would wake up.

You absolutely loved being cuddled so that you could put your ear to our chests.
We think that our heartbeats and heat were soothing to you
and perhaps reminded you of being in Mummy's tummy.

You were a big fan of your milk
and the only time you seemed to get really upset
was when you had to wait for your milk for some reason.
You were breastfeeding fantastically
and never seemed to waste a drop.

Daddy had to go back to work
the day before you turned two weeks old
and he gave you extra special cuddles on that first morning.
He really wasn't ready to leave you yet.

You were starting to spend more and more time awake
and taking in the world around you.
You liked to know what was going on
and would look in our directions
when you heard our voices.
It was amazing to think that you recognised our voices.
And you were really interested in staring at our faces
and getting to know what we looked like too.


  1. Beautiful! Love baby snuggles, one of the things I look forward to. Sounds like things are fantastic.

    1. You can't beat baby snuggles! It's going so well thanks, can't believe this little family is all mine. x

  2. That last photo is just amazing, the way she's so alert and looking at you. She sounds completely perfect!

    1. It's taken me ages to get an awake photo. She always seems to be asleep when I get the camera out. x

  3. Looks like she is settling in perfectly, and the BB looks besotted! x

    1. He likes her, but also ignores her a vast majority of the time. I don't think she's interesting enough for him yet. :) x

  4. She is just gorgeous Luce, I can't wait to meet her next week.

    1. We think so. :) And we're all looking forward to seeing you too. X

  5. She is so adorable! Sounds like you have settled into being a family of four very well indeed

  6. Oh my goodness, what a beauty. I'm feeling very broody now! x

  7. Awww so beautiful! Lovely photos! x


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