bebe au lait nursing cover review

Breastfeeding is really important to me
and it's something which I have really proudly done for both my children.
I have been really lucky and have had really positive breastfeeding experience
but that's not to say that it hasn't been difficult at times.

I think one of the things I found really difficult last time around,
especially in the earlier days,
was feeding in public.
I was really nervous about doing it;
worried that people might say things,
that people might stare,
that I might expose and embarrass myself.

I used to feed in nursing rooms that were provided in shopping centres,
or I'd resort to going back to my car to feed.
This was especially difficult in those earlier weeks
when he needed feeding really regularly
as it would mean that I would either rush my trips out to fit around his feeds,
or I would spend half my time out finding somewhere I felt comfortable feeding.

I didn't feel happy feeding in coffee shops or restaurants
until much later on,
by which point the little man needed feeding far less
and it was easier to organise our days out around his feeds if needed.
I know that I shouldn't have felt this way
and as time went on I felt more and more confident
and even proud about feeding my baby son out in public.
But there was no denying I felt uncomfortable at times,
not through anyone else's behaviour but my own,
but still.

I so wish I had had the Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover last time around
as I really think it would have given me a lot more confidence to feed when we were out and about.
It is like an apron which covers you while you tuck your baby up inside it to feed.
In has a moulded piece at the top,
which means that it always stands away from your body,
allowing you to maintain eye contact with your baby
and also to see what you're doing.
It is large and in a really soft fabric
which I really liked.
It has some really discrete little pockets tucked into the underside
that you can keep breast pads in while you are feeding,
which is really useful as it's difficult to know what to do with them when you're feeding.
I also liked the fact that it came in a nice modern pattern in good colours;
because although the nursing cover has a specific function,
you are also wearing it
and I liked that it went with things in my wardrobe.
This would also mean that at a glance in a busy restaurant
people possibly wouldn't even notice you were feeding at all.
I keep it folded and rolled up in my changing bag
and it takes up no more room than a muslin cloth would.
This means its always handy for when I need or want it.

I've used the nursing cover a few times when we have been out and about
including in a very busy restaurant at lunch time.
It took me a few attempt to get the hang of getting it on
and getting the beautiful girl latched on while wearing it,
but once you are in position it's brilliant.

I have also used it at home when we have had visitors.
As much as I feel people should feed public to help normalise it
I am also aware that it does make some people uncomfortable,
not because they have a problem with the actual feeding,
but because they don't know where to look.
This really helped with this when we had friends over who aren't used to seeing breastfeeding.
I possibly won't use this nursing cover as much as I would have done if I'd had it last time around
but there are occasions when it has and will be really useful.
In these early days when the babies head is relatively small
meaning that you are more likely to have boob showing,
it is nice to use it and not feel exposed.
I also know that the little man went through a phase of being really distracted when feeding in public
and he would unlatch regularly to look around;
I think the nursing cover would help a lot with that
and will help to stop the little lady from getting nosey and distracted.

A friend of mine who tried feeding and gave up after a few weeks
said that if she had one then she would definitely have stuck with it for longer
because she had just felt too self conscious to feed in public.
So I would really recommend this product to any first time breastfeeders
or any mum who is nervous about feeding in public.

I was sent this product free of charge for the purposes of this review
but all photos, words and opinions are my own.

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