anyway up 360 toddler cup review

I'll get straight to the point;
we LOVE the 360 cup by anyway up cup.
It's a great design
and has taught my toddler something
which I was starting to worry he'd never learn.

The beautiful boy never had bottles
and never could work out how to get anything out of them.
When he started to drink water with his food
we introduced tippy cups
but he couldn't use them independently
because he simply didn't have the arm strength to lift them
which left us feeding him water every time he needed it.
Which is far from ideal when you are trying to raise an independent toddler
and also trying to make sure that that toddler drinks enough.
We discovered a toddler drinking cup with a straw
and we were sold.
He could use it on his own because it didn't need to be tipped up to get the drink out
and it also meant that he learned how to use a straw
which was really useful for when he wanted to steal mummy's milkshakes!

Fast forward about 8 months
and we had a toddler so reliant on this particular cup
that he couldn't drink from anything else.
I wanted him to be able to start sipping from a normal cup
but all he would do was giggle and blow bubbles.
He had NO idea what to do without a straw.

Enter the 360 toddler cup by Anyway Up.
It's genius design means that you sip from the edge
just like with a normal cup
but it has a valve which means it doesn't spill water everywhere
and that the toddler has to actually suck a little to get the drink out.
It's a great little cup to help with the transition to using a grown up, normal cup.

I figured I'd have my work cut out teaching my stuck-in-his-ways toddler to use the new cup
but he had cracked it in a couple of days
and now he absolutely loves it.
He uses it quite happily
and quite independently.
And as a result can now sip drinks from
normal cups too with some help.

One little downside is that it isn't completely leak proof.
The little monkey has already worked out that drink comes out if he throws it
and when we left him to hold it in his buggy once
he managed to get his finger into the valve
and empty practically the whole cup into his lap.
But as he only ever drinks water from his cup
this isn't really the end of the world for me.

It's a great cup
and I've already had lots of friends asking about it
for teaching their toddlers to sip too.

We were sent this cup free of charge to try it out 
but we weren't required to write a review, 
we just really like the cup and think its a fantastic product.

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