four weeks new

Four weeks had flown by in a flash.

You already seemed so different at four weeks old
than you had when you were brand new.
You had outgrown a load of your babygrows already
and had lost that puffy newborn look
and were looking more like a little baby girl.

We were sad to see that you were losing your hair
just as your brother had done,
and your mummy when she was a baby.
We still thought you were the prettiest little thing
but it did make you look a little bit like a monk.

You had beautiful, big, bright, navy blue eyes
which came as a surprise as both Daddy and your big brother had brown
so we sort of thought yours would be the same.
It seemed unlikely that they would stay blue
and we kept waiting for them to change,
but they really were beautiful
so we sort of hoped they would stay.

You were starting to settle into a bit of a predictable routine now,
which revolved around three-hourly feeds in the day
and then bed at about 9pm.
You would only have us up once or twice in the night
so you were clearly stocking up on the milk you needed during the day.
We had quickly worked out that if you didn't get enough nap time in the day
that you got really grumpy by mid afternoon
and as we would do anything to avoid your tears
we were working out good times for naps and feeds and going out
so that everyone was happy.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen in your fourth week
was that you started smiling at us.
We had thought the first smiles would go to your brother,
but they actually were for Mummy.
And then for Daddy very soon after.
You seemed to be at your smiliest first thing in the morning
and you would look at us really intently first
as if you were really thinking about it.
Your smile was so gorgeous,
it totally lit up your entire face.
It was a big, open mouthed, twinkly eyed sort of smile
and we felt so proud and happy when we earned one.


  1. Well done for mummy getting the first smiles, so cute.

    1. I know, she's a good girl for picking mummy for the first ones. X

  2. Gorgeous little girl and glad everything is going so well. Bet there are plenty of smiles for the BB soon!x

    1. Thanks, it's all going so well. I feel so lucky. Can't wait to see the two of them smiling at each other. X

  3. Aww I love her little autumn top. So cute and well done for giving you the first smiles. Good girl :)

    1. Thanks. Her Nanny and Pops picked her top up for her while they were in America. X

  4. aw, so precious. smiles are the sweetest thing ever.

    1. Definitely, smiles are like their way of saying thank-you for everything you do for them. X

  5. Has it really been four weeks already? Sounds like you are treasuring every moment and she is just beautiful

    1. It has, it's been so fast. We're trying to make the most of it. X


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