medela breast care set review

Breastfeeding is hard.
I think any one who has breastfed will tell you
that in the early days it hurts
. . . a lot.
And anything that can make those early days a little better has to be a good thing.

I was sent this little set by Medela
which contains some essentials to make those first days a little easier
and possibly even a little more comfortable.
The set contains 15 separately packaged sets of breast pads,
a small tube of lanolin
and two cooling gel breast pads;
all contained in a pretty little bag.

Breast pads are a must for mums
because, especially when your milk first comes in,
your breasts will leak.
The pads save your bras and tops from getting wet
and you the embarrassment of walking around with wet patches on your clothes.

I didn't know about or use lanolin with my little boy,
and having had this kit this time around,
I wish I had.
Lanolin basically keeps any sore or damaged nipples from drying out,
allowing them to heal more quickly.
I used this after every feeding for the first few days
and it was brilliant.
The tube in the set is small but it is plenty big enough to use for the early days;
a little goes a long way so I have lots left.

The cooling pads are a real little treat for sore boobs.
They soothe that hot achey feeling you can get when your milk comes in
and are also really pleasant on sore and abused nipples.

This little set has everything you would need for those early breastfeeding days
and would make a great addition to the hospital bag
so that you would be equipped with the essentials to get you started and to keep you comfortable.

I was sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review
but all words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. That's a useful little set. Lanolin was a lifesaver for me those first few days before I got used to it. I ended up buying all the bits and bobs separately with z!

    1. I so wish that I had known about lanolin the first time. It was so useful in the early weeks. X

  2. o i would have loved something like this. breastfeeding is so hard for the whole first week for me...this time it was more like two weeks.

    1. It was so useful! I think with breastfeeding you just have to work through the tough early days and then all of a sudden it seems so much easier. X


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