splodge and me at twenty-four weeks

Splodge's Size:
Splodge is about the size of a corn on the cob now
and seems to be pushing my uterus upwards by the day.

Splodge's Development:
Splodge's senses have developed to the point
where he or she knows upside down.
And they can hear a lot of things now,
including me, the hubby and the beautiful boy,
which is really nice to think about.

 My Size:
My waist is still measuring 38inches,
so no gain this week round my middle,
but the bump is definitely bigger so I guess I've lost it from somewhere else.
I'm still just about clinging on to my normal jeans
which is a good thing considering how rubbish the weather has been,
but I am definitely comfier in dresses now.

My Pregnancy Development:
I'm definitely very aware of Splodge wriggling around these days
and occasionally get a good painful kick in the organs.
I'm finding it trickier to stay comfortable at night,
especially as I'm usually a tummy sleeper,
as I keep waking up to kicks where I've rolled onto my front.
Splodge already knows how to tell me off!

My Body:
I am all bump
just like I was last time.
But where last time I suffered with back pains,
this time I'm getting pain in my hip joints and pelvis quite a lot.
It started in the last fortnight or so
but seems to be gradually getting worse
so I think it's something to mention to the midwife.
But I still feel pretty well and full of energy which is good.

My Appetite:
I'm basically back to normal now,
apart from avoiding really rich foods which give me heart burn
and eating ice pops like they are going out of fashion.

 Daddy finally felt his first kick.
Splodge was having a good wriggle around
so I suggested he have a feel.
Right on cue he got a firm kick right in the middle of his hand.
I love that he gets to be a bit more involved once he can feel things.


  1. um, you look freaking fantastic!! super jealous that you still fit into regular jeans at 24 weeks. i'm counting down the days until i can get out of preggo jeans. :)

    1. Hehe. The jeans are hanging on in there but they won't last much longer. I remember getting back in my jeans when I had the little man felt like the biggest achievement, it was so nice to be in 'proper' clothes. X


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