hello canvas review

I adore this photograph of my beautiful boy
and have been meaning to get it put onto a canvas
or to print it and frame it for a long time.

And then Hello Canvas came along. . .
They asked whether I would be interested in sending them one of my many photographs
to be printed onto a 20 x 28 inch canvas
so that they could show off the fantastic print quality and service they offer.
As printing this photo was on my agenda anyway
I took them up on their offer
and promptly sent them the photo via email.

To say I'm thrilled with the finished article
would be selling it short.
It looks beautiful on our living room wall
and the print quality is fantastic.

I've brought canvas prints before from other companies
and the canvas is often so textured that it can detract from the photo.
Not the case with this one from Hello Canvas,
the canvas, while still textured, is smooth enough for a flawless finish.
Up close and far away this photo looks beautiful.

It arrived quickly and was really well packaged so that it was delivered in pristine condition.
And it is really good quality.
It's a really lovely big size
and even under close inspection
the photo looks fantastic.

I often think it's the little things that make a difference
and the edges of the image had been carefully blurred 
so that the photo wraps around the edges of the canvas
without having to crop the photo any smaller and risk loosing parts of the photo.

I'm really pleased with this canvas
and have already recommended Hello Canvas to family and friends
as I think the quality, size and price makes them really good value.

This size of canvas retails for £39
but they sell all sorts of sizes of canvas from 8 x 8 inch 
all the way up to a whopping 36 x 56 inch.
Prices start at £13 and with delivery within one week and free delivery
they are a great option for a gift
and are a company that we will definitely be using again.

I was sent this canvas free of charge for the purposes for this review
but as always the words and opinions are my own.

These review photos have been edited to blur out my beautiful boy's name
which is printed on the box he is sitting in.


  1. Gorgeous photo I love how you set the shot up. This company seem to she had all good reviews so far

    1. Thank-you. I did the little shoot just before his birthday and got loads of fab ones. Sometimes it is worth going to the trouble to set something up for extra special pictures.
      And you're right about the reviews. I haven't read a bad one yet. X

  2. Looks good!! I'm going to order one!

  3. This looks so good and the photograph is adorable. We've had some canvases of our two children done and they can look amazing if done properly. I'll bear this company in mind the next time I want one

    1. You can't beat a lovely big picture of your own children being gorgeous for making your walls look pretty. And I'd definitely recommend Hello Canvas. x

  4. Such a stunning photo - will def have to take a look at getting some done!! x

    1. Aww, thank-you. I'm really proud of the photo and I love getting to look at it every day on my living room wall. x

  5. Great review - and that photo is gorgeous!

    I've just posted my HelloCanvas review today


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