your forty-fifth week

You were so full of character now that it was hard to think of you as a baby anymore. 

When you were about to do something naughty, 
like touch something that you weren't supposed to, 
you would pull a cheeky grin. 
It was as if you were saying; 
"You can't say no to me, 
just look how cute I am!" 

It was true. 
We had a feeling you would get away with all sorts of naughtiness 
just by flashing that smile. 

You would also throw little strops now, 
which were mostly funny, 
but gave us a little insight into how strong willed you might be. 

The strops were mostly the result 
of you wanting to eat something 
or not eat something. 
You would sit at out feet if we were eating 
and you would yell and pull at our legs til we gave you some. 
And if you decided you didn't want to eat something 
you would push it away and shout. 

You were getting more and more confident using your baby walkers now. 
And you suddenly looked so tall as you walked across the lounge 
with a very proud smile on your face. 

You were starting to cruise around the furniture now too, 
so we were having to rethink where things were kept. 
Things like remote controls and phones and cameras 
seemed like exciting toys to you, 
so they had to go well out of reach. 

You had properly nailed waving now 
and loved an excuse to show off your new skills. 
Mummy thought that sometimes it sounded like you were saying "bye-bye" when you waved. 
But Daddy thought it was a coincidence. 
Time would tell.

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  1. His hair looks like its suddenly grown, frames his face so well and he looks so big :) wow, not long to go before the big 1st :)


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