your forty-fourth week

It was a week of very exciting firsts.

Daddy and Mummy took you on your very first holiday.
You went to Butlins in Bognor Regis
to see their fantastic Winter Wonderland.

We had an absolutely action-packed weekend 
from when we arrived on Friday night 
until we left at Sunday lunchtime.

The whole weekend was magical for you from start to finish.

You went in the soft play area
and had a good climb and crawl and general explore.
Daddy took you right to the top and helped you
but I think he was enjoying it just as much
if not more
than you were.
Particularly when he decided to let you go down the slide on your own.
You definitely weren't very keen on that.

You went swimming in the Splash Waterworld

and had a lovely float around and a play with Mummy.
You especially enjoyed sitting in your inflatable seat
because it meant that you could kick and move around a bit more
without being restricted by us.

You saw some fake snow falling from the sky
but didn't seem that excited about it,
although you were pretty interested in staring at it.

You stayed up late
for two nights on the trot.
But we decided it was okay
because you were on holiday.

This week you had also taken some more steps with a walker.
You could manage about two or three now
before you would decide that it was too tiring
and that it was easier to drop back down onto your knees.

It was really funny seeing you start to walk.
You suddenly looked so long and tall
and you were getting so strong.
You were turning into a big boy before our very eyes.

But far and away the most exciting thing to happen in your forty-fourth week
was that you met a very special man.

You met Father Christmas.

It Mummy feel really emotional
seeing her little man sitting on Father Christmas' knee.
You sat with him for a little while and talked about things.
You were very interested in his hat
and his long curly beard.

We didn't hear what you asked for
but we did assure Father Christmas 
that you had been a very, very good boy
and that you made us a very proud Mummy and Daddy
each and every day.

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  1. Aww the last paragraph made me get tears in my eyes- i reckon he asked the big man for a kiss from Mads! ;) x


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