christmas in our house

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have noticed a serious amount of excitement 
building up in my tweets this last week.
Because I've been building up to an exciting occasion.
The arrival of the Christmas fairies.

I've always loved Christmas;
the tree,
the twinkly lights,
the cosiness,
the time spent with family.
The general magic of the season
still has the same overwhelming effect on me
that it did when I was a child.

But this year I've been even more excited that normal,
because this year I get to enjoy Christmas so much more,
because I get to see it through the eyes of a child.
Last year when I was heavy with child
and lovingly joked about in the school staffroom
because I could portray a very accurate Mary in the nativity,
I was thinking about how exciting this Christmas would be.

And now my own little miracle gift is here
and ready to enjoy his first Christmas.
And. . .
I. am. so. excited!

Putting the tree up is always a big deal for me.
My brother and I always put up the tree together as children.
And now that I have my own tree
it is very much MY job to do it.
In fact I prefer to decorate the tree when my husband is out
so that he can't see how long I spend 
lingering over the precise placement of my precious baubles.

And with it being the little guy's first Christmas,
this year we had to think about developing our own family traditions.
Now I loved putting up the tree with my brother
but there is absolutely no way
that I will ever be allowing a child to decorate my Christmas tree.
It is far to beautiful
and I love doing it far too much.

So instead
our family will be visited by Christmas fairies
every year
on November 30th.
They will come when children are asleep
and sprinkle Christmas magic all over the house.
And then
on December 1st
little children will get up to discover that Christmas has arrived.

Doesn't that sound magical?

So the fairies came last night
and they sprinkled their Christmas sparkles.
And they have reminded me just how much I love a Christmassy home.

Which got me thinking. . .
Everyone's idea of a perfect Christmas is different.
Every family has different traditions.
Every decoration has a story.
Christmas is different in every house
but magic in its own way.

So I'm opening up a "Christmas In Our House" linky.
It will be open from December 1st until twelfth night (because I'm traditional like that!)
So link up what your house looks like at Christmas.
Tell me all about your traditions
and what is special about Christmas for you.

You can consider this your present to me,
because it will make me one happy Christmas fairy.


  1. Can I come to your house please?
    I fear with 3 kids any careful placement of decorations will be wrecked in minutes!
    Once I've done battle with the loft to find the decorations and chopped down my tree I'll pop back to join in :)

  2. I like the idea of elves, nice and magical -but to me it just wouldn't be the same as the Christmas tradition in our house is whacking the Christmas cd's on, singing along and me and the two little ones (aged 4 and 8) help to put the decorations on!
    I have fond memories of decorating the tree when little and it just wouldn't be the same not doing it with the kids. :-)

  3. I love your Christmas tree but that look on baby's face is jut priceless. Like "mmmm, I wonder if I should pull down the tree". Hope baby has an amazing first Christmas!

  4. You have such a beautiful tree and home - and boy! I'll link up once we put our stuff up - determined only to decorate the tree with things the kids make this year - could be err 'interesting'.
    I'm a real humbug though and won't put mine up till at least the 12th!

  5. Esther and William had their first Christmas last year and we began the traditions that I hope will make Christmas magical and memorable throughout their childhood. What a great linky! I love Christmas!

  6. So beautiful. Hope you cheeky one doesn't take off all the decorations.

    Have given you the liebster award. Hope you haven't had it already. It's on my blog here:

  7. It looks lovely at yours! I've started off with a post about decorating for Christmas and am planning one about traditions for later in the month.

  8. your tree and house look lovely. I try and create new traditions and am hoping to do a post on it later this month.

  9. Your house looks lovely! Woohoo it's nearly Christmas! xx

  10. Lovely idea and I'm thinking I may have to come over to yours for Christmas. It looks gorgeous! We start on the first Sunday of Advent (crafting, etc) then leave the tree for 1-2 weeks before so it's even more special. The rest of the house gets decorated. Thanks for this!

  11. Gorgeous post! I love Christmas, it's uch a wonderful time isn't it. Your little one looks fab in that hat :) x


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