a bestie day

Friendships are so important.
A good friend can talk you back down when you are livid,
or cheer you up when you're feeling sad.
They are there to hear your worries
and to keep your secrets.
And when you become a mummy,
like minded mummy friends become completely invaluable.
As you travel through the complexities of raising tiny humans
someone to share the trials and tribulations with is a lifeline at times.

And I have found one such person through blogging,
one of the biggest surprises
and the best blogging perk ever!
My family have been so lucky to find such lovely friends
in the form of the Mummy Daddy Me family.
We all just click together
and have shared some lovely days out and holidays together.

But as all mums know
when there are children to be looked after
mummy's needs always come second.
Believe it or not, on our days out Katie and I rarely get a chance to really talk.
We chat online everyday
but face-to-face we might just about manage to talk about what the kids have been up to
and we never seem to have much time to talk blogging,
or the husbands roll their eyes at us and we change the subject.

So when Ragdale Hall, a health hydro and thermal spa in Leicestershire, offered us a day to ourselves,
we jumped at it and counted down the days.
A day of relaxation for two worn out mummies
and a chance to set the world to rights for the day.

Right from when we arrived
I just knew we were going to have a lovely day.
Ragdale Hall itself is huge and stunningly kept,
and as we checked in a sense of calm descends.
It just so peaceful.
And there is something instantly relaxing about spending your day wandering around in a dressing gown.

The facilities at Ragdale Hall are second to none.
I've been lucky enough to go on a few spa days over the years
and their range of facilities haven't been beaten anywhere I've been.
A huge pool,
saunas and steam rooms,
an outdoor spa pool,
a quite frankly amazing thermal spa
with various different heated rooms,
to soothe away the worries of daily life,
and a selection of different areas to sit and chill and watch the world go by.

We opted not to have any treatments while we were there
as we didn't want anything eating into our valuable chat time,
but the selection available all sounded amazing.
There were also a great range of exercise classes available,
and if we had been there for longer I definitely would have done one or two,
but we wanted a bestie day to relax
so we stuck with being as lazy as possible.

We upgraded the standard yummy buffet lunch 
so that we could have a delicious three course feast instead
and nothing says "relaxing day" like sitting in a beautiful dining hall
eating yummy soup, followed by sausage and mash, followed by a chocolate brownie dessert,
all while dressed in a dressing gown.

I think time with a good friend is good for the soul.
We talked, we laughed,
blogging might have come up in conversation more than once,
and our lovely families even more so.
We were both desperate to get back to our kiddies by the end of the day,
but there was no doubt that a day away from the grind of motherhood
had been really good for us both.

I seriously cannot recommend Ragdale Hall highly enough
and have been raving about it ever since.
I would definitely, without question visit again.
In fact Katie and I were dreaming about staying for one of their residential breaks while we were there
and thinking how incredibly relaxing it would be to spend a couple of days in such a lovely place.
Maybe next year, hey? We do have some big birthdays coming up...!

All the staff were so professional
and we felt like total VIPs during our trip.
The setting is flawless,
so well kept and clean
and it really does feel like you are somewhere special.

Thank-you for having us Ragdale Hall,
it was exactly what two tired besties needed.
And thank-you to my mum for watching my kiddos
so that I could go off for a day of pampered relaxation.
And thank-you to my lovely hubby
who drove us there and back
and listened to the drivel of two women who were so relaxed at the end of the day
that they could barely string a sentence together properly.

A Ragdale Hall gift voucher would be the perfect Christmas present.  
Available in monetary amounts from £25 or for days or overnight breaks, 
they are the ideal Christmas gift.
All vouchers are valid for a year from the day of purchase 
and are dispatched upon receipt of full payment.
To make a purchase or for further information contact Voucher Sales on 01664 433030 
or visit the website on www.ragdalehall.co.uk and take a look at the Video Brochure.

I was given a Ragdale Experience Day free of charge for the purpose of this review
but all photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Looks lovely, I think I definitely need something like this as I don't remember the last time I had some proper grown up me-time!

  2. Sounds amazing! And the place looks fantastic. Wish I stayed closer to it to go and have a try myself. x

  3. It was such a wonderful day, I am wondering whether we need to make it a yearly thing! ;) x

  4. Oh wow that looks amazing! Maybe I should just leave this page open on the computer as a hint to Father Christmas!

  5. It sounds like such a lovely place to visit, and extra special that you got to spend it with such a great friend x

  6. ooo how lovely - the friendship and Ragdale Hall x

  7. So jealous, I'm been dreaming of a spa day for the last few months. Hopefully now I can leave J it will happen sometime soon!! x

  8. Glad you enjoyed your stay! You both deserve it! Heard a lot of good things about Ragdale. Would love to visit it soon! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!


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