family frolics and christmas magic

This week we had a very special family day.
We went to visit a very important man in red,
we had special talks with him,
whispered in his ear that the children have been VERY good this year,
we told him what we would like to see under the tree on Christmas morning.

Daddy took a day off work.
Pops did too, so that he and Nanny could join us.
We were all so excited about having a festive family day out,
and our family frolics didn't disappoint.
It's fair to say that our beautiful boy is totally enchanted by the big guy this year,
he's totally absorbed in the Christmas magic.

The idea of sharing family frolics isn't a new one.
It's what us parenting bloggers do best.
And one lady really inspires so many to share their family frolics.
A lady with a serious love of Christmas,
a lady with a big heart for her family,
a lady with a smile for everyone.
This beautiful one...

One year ago
I lost a friend.
A lot of people did.
A bright, shiny, amazing lady
left this world behind
and left a big gap.
She left behind a loving husband
and three beautiful young children.
My heart broke for them,
and still does a little bit each day.
But as well as leaving a gaping hole for so many
she also left an amazing legacy.

Kerry was dedicated to family life, 
to having fun with her family,
to sharing her Family Frolics on Multiple Mummy.
And what a beautiful gift for her children to read and remember.
Embracing family time is Kerry's legacy
and is one that has inspired so many.

For many people,
Kerry's passing had a big effect.
It made a lot of us reassess,
we hold our children a little closer,
we mourn the loss of a humble and inspiring lady,
we're grateful for every day we get with our families.
For me, I do all those things,
but it also made me more determined 
to record our lives.
to record my love for my children,
and everything it feels to be their mummy.
A time capsule of our lives
so that, should anything ever happen to me,
my children could know me.

Losing her made me get into photos more
so that I am present in all the memories we have.
She was a big part of the inspiration behind Me and Mine,
she makes me value the simple moments more,
and it's rare a weekend goes by without us doing something fun as a family.
I'm angry that we had to lose Kerry
but the legacy she has left behind is a big one,
and an important one.
So cuddle you children,
go and do something fun,
and eat some chocolate cake too.


  1. A beautiful post lovely and I agree with everything you have said. Kerry has made me change my outlook in life, and I know from talking to you that she has with you too. Love the photos of the kiddies with the big guy too! He is a really authentic one! x

    1. It's a shame we had to lose such a lovely friend, but the changes in how we see things have to be a good thing. And he was a VERY good Father Christmas. x

  2. Beautiful post. I miss Kerry so much. She always would chat to me in the wee hours when I was so unsure. She always reminded me love was the biggest thing I needed to be a mummy. I miss her. I still talk to her now. I can hear the advice she would give me and I try and do her memory proud.
    A beautiful tribute to an amazing lady x

    1. She was always full of great, simple advice. She was such a natural mummy and just took everything in her stride with the three of them. I often think when my two are being a bit crazy, that Kerry was dealing with a third one too and doing it in style. Such an inspiration. x

  3. A really poignant and beautiful post. God always seems to take the best people. Maybe he needs them for celestial good work, but it is so sad for those the lonelier without her.
    Fabulous post and I love that pic, which I have never seen before - it's so clear I feel like I could reach out and tap her on the shoulder. The pic is like looking through a window - I really expect her to look over her shoulder.
    Actually I should not have said that, crying now x

    1. Ahhh, thanks lovely. I haven't shared the photo before but it's from a day out we had together, and I think it really sums her up; keeping her children so close. x

  4. Beautiful! Which is as it should be in honour of darling Kerry - cos that's just what she was! I can't see a chocolate cup cake with thinking of her x x x

    1. Thank-you. Chocolate cake has the same affect on me. x

  5. Just lovely - I love the pictures of your tiny two with Father Christmas too - he looks very real, no wonder they were enchanted!

    1. Thanks lovely, he was a great Father Christmas. We all thought he was brilliant. x

  6. Lovely photos and a lovely sentiment for a lovely lady x

  7. Really lovely post. It's so hard not to be affected by the things that happen to such lovely people, like you said though it's so important to make the most of life, it can be so short.
    That Father Christmas really is amazing, you would have laughed if you had seen the one that was at our local garden centre last year!! x

    1. I think that's a lesson that we've all learned over the last year; to make the most of every moment.
      There are so many bad Father Christmases out there, he really was a great one. x

  8. awww this is beautiful, even just being a new blogger this time last year her legacy has impacted on why I blog and what I want my family to know about me. x

    1. That's lovely to hear, that she affected people who didn't even know her. And the beauty of blogging is that people can still know her, even though she is gone. I definitely think of my blog as a kind of time capsule now; our lives recorded so that it won't be forgotten. x

  9. Such a beautiful post, I'm new to blogging so I never knew Kerry but I went on to her blog and it brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine what her family have and are still going through. Family life is so important, I also started to blog so if something was to happen to me I can leave behind something for my children. Love that Santa, the photos are beautiful :)

    1. I think a lot of us started blogging for those same reasons, but I guess losing a fellow blogger really served as a reminder for a lot of us.
      And he was an amazing Father Christmas, the kids loved him. x

  10. Hold them tight this Christmas, Lucy. These early years are irreplaceable. Thank goodness Kerry had the foresight & selflessness to create such a legacy for her children. She will always be close to them as a result.

    1. One of the main things I kept thinking when it first happened, was how lucky it was that she had blogged so much of her life and her children could know her through her words. It will never make up for losing her, but I hope it'll be some comfort one day. x

  11. Lovely lovely post Lucy. I miss Kerry. I only met her in person once, little did I know it would be the first and last time, but she was just as wonderful in real life as her online persona. We were always sharing little jokes and things on Twitter and making each other laugh. I'm so glad she inspired you to do Me and Me. I know I've said it before but it's my favourite linky and I really hope it's continuing in 2014 xx

    1. She really was the loveliest person, wasn't she? Always so happy and smiley and kind to everyone. x

  12. Wonderful photos (as always). I bet your beautiful boy in particular really enjoyed seeing Santa; it's so lovely to see how excited they get when they start to understand the concept of Father Christmas properly. A great tribute to Kerry too

  13. Thanks for sharing such a touching post and such lovely pictures. They really help you think about the things that are truly important in our lives. God bless x

  14. You have put that perfectly - and yes Kerry would definitely be wanting us to eat chocolate cake. I too have made more of an effort to be in pictures for my children - but I do like your idea of having some sort of record for them to remember just how much I love them too.

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  17. The photographs with the big man are completely magical, his beard and facial hair is looking particularly perfect! I think Kerry taught us all a really important lesson, and I know I still miss her greatly.

    Thanks for writing this post to remember Kerry, apologies for the mammoth delay in commenting but life raced along at a ridiculous pace!


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