the siblings project {january 2019}

This year with The Siblings Project I'm going to do things a little differently. I still intend to take and share my monthly photos of my foursome... I feel like at this point, its a habit I couldn't break. I love photos of them together, how it highlights their similarities and differences, how it shows the way they grow and change, and mostly for how it shows their relationships as they ebb and flow from one month to the next. 

But this year I want to move the project over to instagram more. Mainly because I am over there more, but also because I feel like its the natural home for such a photo based project. I take so many more than the one photo a month, and I know that lots of other people do too. So I would absolutely love love LOVE if you'd share your photos over there, with the hashtag #siblingsproject. And then each month on the 15th I will still share my photo here alongside a quote of some sort, but I will also be using the 15th of each month to show case the photos I've loved seeing on #siblingsproject. 

I'm hoping this might be a nice way of building a little community over on instagram, where we can all find people who love sharing photos of sibling moments (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) but I'd also like it to be an opportunity for me to share some love with you lovely people who support this project each month. And I would love it if you would do the same. 

Come and give me a follow over on my instagram if you aren't already. And lets get sharing.


  1. So excited to join in with this for the first time! I think you are right though Insta is he natural home for it! x

  2. Great idea! Will definitely join in :)

    Abbie -

  3. Oh I love this idea hunny what a great thing to do sharing yours and your favorites. I finally got around to printing out all my Siblings and Me & Mine for the last five years into albums for each year and I love them. I am the same it's a habit I can't break. Love the changes and so awesome to create a community of it over on instagram my absolute happy place.

    1. What a fab idea, to make an album of all these photos! Another thing added to my to-do list - but shot straight to the top ;)

  4. This is such a beautiful photo of all four of them! I have just started this project myself. I wasn't sure whether it was a linky or how to link up but I have made a start for this month x


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