the me + mine project {december 2018}

Rich is loving
* going to the Cressing Temple Grotto. 
* eating his body weight in Maltesers.
* Wylder being more vocal. 
* Quinn sneaking off to the toilet to watch videos on the iPad.
* reading 'You Choose' with the girls. 

Lucy is loving
* a fun Christmas night out with the girls.
* our beautiful white and rainbow Christmas trees.
* my new (very belated) birthday jewellery.
* Baileys.
* how magical this time of year is with children.

Dylan is loving
* being in the choir.
* his new remote control cars.
* getting Super Mario socks from Father Christmas.
* counting down to, and then getting to see, Uncle Matt.
* amazing everyone with his geography knowledge.

Everly is loving
* planning her various different party/festive/casual outfits.
* going ice skating on Christmas Eve.
* dry roasted peanuts.
* performing shows with her karaoke machine.
* playing with her lego.

Quinn is loving
* singing Feliz Navidad with the dance moves.
* getting to eat chocolate at breakfast time from her "candler".
* playing with her new doll house.
* listening to How The Grinch Stole Christmas over and over again.
* reading "The Game Book" (You Choose) every single night.

Wylder is loving
* sitting up.
* eating fruit pots.
* twinkly christmas lights and decorations.
* wrapping paper.
* being a mama's boy.

So thats a wrap for another year. 2018's The Me and Mine Project... DONE!!! December has been crazy, magical, family filled, exhausting and exhilarating. We have made some amazing memories and I'm truly sad that it's all over for another year.

And where on earth did 2018 go? I have no idea how the year has flown by so fast. And what a year 2018 has been. We started it as a five, and ended it as a six, with adventures to Dubai and Ibiza along the way. It's been an absolutely amazing year for us.

But confession time... in all my years of doing The Me and Mine Project, November is the first time that I failed to get my post live. I had my picture, but first technical problems and then a massive lack of time, meant that I never did manage to get it posted. But I'm so glad that I still have them regardless (and you can see one if you scroll down). Taking our monthly family photos is so so important to me, and I love that as 2018 draws to a close we have a full six years worth of monthly family photos. Photos that I love. Photos that I wouldn't have if this project didn't push me to take them every month.

January made us all hibernate a bit and we began to prepare for the arrival of baby number 4.

In February Dylan turned 7 and we had a last big adventure as a five in Dubai.

March was a slow and quiet kind of month, I nested a lot, and we soaked up time as a five.

April was supposed to be our final month as a five, but Wylder decided on a wild and early arrival to make our family photos some very special ones.

May brought the start of what would be an amazing summer, and we spent lots of time in the garden and finding our groove as a six before flying off on our holidays...

In June we were in Ibiza for our first big adventure as a six (and for my little bro's wedding), it was amazing to get to step away from the grind and soak up the baby days in the sunshine.

July saw us making the most of the weather with lots of barbecuing, ice cream and trips to some of our favourite places.

In August we went back to the same old spot to take the same old photo. I do so love seeing our family grow with that same set up each year.

September was manic; Everly turned 6 and started Year 1, Dylan entered Year 3, Quinn started at preschool and Rich did a lot of work trips leaving me with a LOT of solo parenting.

In October Quinn turned 3, Rich had his birthday too, and we enjoyed some really lovely family days out.

In November we hibernated a bit in preparation for the craziness ahead.

And December was every bit as magical and exhausting as December with small children should be; a perfect end to the year.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Oh these are so gorgeous I love love this year's xmas photo of all six of you. That's a framer!!! I say it all the time but what a happy family you have made girl. You can see it in their eyes and on their faces with every smile. Just beautiful. Happy New Year!!! Let's get together soon it's been too long.

  2. I love the matching Christmas PJs, and it's so lovely to look back on the year in family pictures :)


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