the me + mine project {october 2018}

Rich is loving
* our family day out at Shrek Adventure.
* playing Red Dead Redemption.
* celebrating Quinn's birthday.
* watching Spain vs England in Seville.
* eating way too many Treeslets.

Lucy is loving
* autumn walks to the park and the woods.
* having all four kids at home during half term.
* A Star Is Born movie and soundtrack.
* seeing Wylder achieve new milestones.
* how excited Quinn was for her birthday.

Dylan is loving
* getting the most points overall at tennis camp.
* creating planets on Lego Worlds.
* going to Shrek Adventure.
* being in the school choir. 
* reading The Creakers by Tom Fletcher.

Everly is loving
* having a week off of school. 
* playing at being a make up artist. 
* dry roasted peanuts.
* picking out her own outfits.
* going to lots of birthday parties.

Quinn is loving
* wearing her wooly hat.
* playing in the garden.
* chicken nuggets and carrot sticks from McDonalds.
* building with duplo.
* being three!

Wylder is loving
* sitting up.
* bouncing in his jumperoo.
* chewing everything!
* trying food.
* bath time.

It's been another busy month for us, but one where we have tried to make the most of or together time, whenever we have been lucky enough to get it. We've managed to squeeze in days out, quiet days at home, and everything in between. A combination of work commitments, hundreds of birthday parties and the normal grind of family life is keeping us all on our toes. But seeing these pictures; our whole world in a single frame, makes all the work worth it.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. I love their hats! I was meant to see a star is born last night with a friend, but she was poorly. Hopefully we get to go, it looks amazing x

  2. Aww - you look so warm and cosy all wrapped up. Lovely family photos!

  3. Aww look at you all, love all the winter gear and gosh isn't your gorgeous brood growing - beautiful me and mine photos x

  4. Oh these are so fun and love the rainbow bursting from the winter forest here with you all. Can't wait to catch up. I am finding life with three so busy can't imagine a four. You make it look easy girl and so beautiful. The older two are really growing up next to the younger two for sure. Such gorgeous family snaps for a gorgeous family.

  5. Love these photos so much especially Wylder's little face looking straight at camera!

  6. Aw these are such lovely photos Lucy xxx

  7. Such lovely photos of you all, also loving all the rainbow colours popping through with the hats and wellies x

  8. It does sound like a very busy month. That tree is a beautiful backdrop for your family shots this month. You all look very cosy and I love the children's colourful hats. Thanks for hosting the #meandmineproject

  9. I love these pictures - you always all look so bright and happy!


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