the siblings project {october 2018}

The past month has seen so many sibling developments going on, and it still continues to fascinate me how these guys seem to weave their way through their lives together the way that they do.

The biggest change has been for the girls, who are now sharing a room and with Quinn making the move to a big girl bed, they are now also sharing a bed a lot of the time too. Honestly it's the cutest thing to find them sleepily snuggled up together. And I really do think it's going to make them even closer than they are already. Dylan and Everly loved their years of sharing a bedroom, and I'm sure thats part of the reason they are so tight even now. Dylan is a little bit miffed that he misses out on all the fun, and I'm sure we'll have to bring back the weekend sleepovers again once things have settled down. I love that the kids are so keen to share space with one another, and I really feel like those bedtime chats and morning snuggles they share are the sorts of memories that will make up a massive part of how they remember their childhoods.

The other big development has been more of a subtle one, but exciting nevertheless. With Wylder being more alert, responsive and more upright, he definitely feels more like one of the gang. The excitement on his face when he's sat up in his jumperoo or bumbo and they all gather around to chat and play is just the sweetest thing. I just love how much he clearly loves and enjoys them already. 

We took this months photo at the end of a lovely, chilled, family weekend; and I just love how relaxed and natural they all are in it. Dylan the proud big brother, Everly the mother hen, Quinn the cheeky life and soul of the party, and Wylder wondering what it's all about...!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Wylder does look much more part of the gang now - love how he’s sitting there with his siblings. How lovely that the girls are now sharing a room and it must be wonderful to see them snuggle up together. Thanks for hosting the #siblingsproject

  2. Wylder totally steals the show, he looks very happy sat with his siblings. That's so cute that your girls end up snuggled in together, I know my girls would do the same if they were in the same room x

  3. Oh they certainly are changing so much hunny so fast. Gorgeous snap and I feel the same about baby boy he is definitely more of the gang when he is sitting up with his siblings and watching them running circles around him sometimes literally. hahaha Love that the girls are sharing a room. I loved sharing my bedroom. Love your four together a perfect puzzle that fits. Hope to see yall soon.

  4. AW your little blue eyed boy is just the cutest. Definitely wondering how he ended up in this gang! They are so lucky to have each other x

  5. They all look so cute together - you can definitely see the sibling relationship too :)


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