the me + mine project {june 2018}

Rich is loving
* the world cup.
* family time in Ibiza.
* Mint Oreo Dairy Milk.
* binge watching the Marvel serieson Netflix.
* summer days in the garden. 

Lucy is loving
* the sunshine!
* Wylder's first smiles.
* Quinn concentrating on pronouncing things right.
* mint flavour Magnum.
* our entire week in Ibiza.

Dylan is loving
* the water slides in our hotel in Ibiza.
* the school's Rainbow Fun Run.
* reading (at a phenomenal rate!)
* croissants dipped in nutella.
* being the best ring bearer ever.

Everly is loving
* going on holiday.
* wearing her flower girl dress.
* eating ice lollies each day after school.
* pretending to put mummy's make up on.
* chocolate ice cream.

Quinn is loving
* choosing her own clothes each morning.
* strawberry mini milks.
* watching Trolls.
* flying on an aeroplane.
* playing with duplo and happyland.

Wylder is loving
* going on his first ever holiday.
* attending his first ever wedding.
* giving his first ever smiles.
* bouncing in his chair.
* milky mummy cuddles.

It's all holiday snaps for The Me + Mine Project from us this month. Isn't that what holidays are all about, hey? Family time. And taking photos. Although I will confess I failed... big time... because my plan was to get a lovely photo of the six of us all dressed up for my little bro's wedding. That was the whole reason we were in Ibiza after all. The girls were both flower girls, the boys both had the cutest wedding outfits, Rich and I were all dolled up... but that photo just never materialised. There was simply never a good moment to get us all together and also grab someone to take a photo. Weddings with little kids are kind of manic... who knew?!?!?!

But we did all thoroughly enjoy a week of sunshine on the white isle. While lots of people seemed to think travelling with a tiny baby (not to mention three other children) might be stressful, but actually it wasn't. In fact the break from chores and routines, and the luxury of someone else cooking all your meals and permanent entertainment in the form of a swimming pool, actually meant that we got more time to relax and soak up our newborn, and for all the kids to have lots of bonding time. 

In fact I'd actually thoroughly recommend going on a break with a new baby. Yes, it had it's stressful moments (hello baggage claim with four children, no buggy, and three suitcases to collect!) but the kids did us so proud with their great behaviour on both flights, and we loved our first adventure as a six. 

I can't wait to see your lovely family portraits shared, so please do add your links below. And if you are sharing your photos on Instagram too then, please make sure you're following me and use #meandmineproject as I will be sharing some of my favourites.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Beautiful family photos of you all together enjoying your holiday. I love your children's rainbow outfits. I can imagine a wedding with four children would be quite crazy and make it difficult to find the right moment to get a family photo! How lovely to be getting those first smiles from Wylder too. Thanks for hosting #meandmineproject

  2. What gorgeous poctures - I love that rainbow theme you had in their clothes! So cute! Ibiza must have been lovely, looks beautiful.

  3. Oh LUCY I adore the rainbow new look to your blog. It's definitely your signature to your brand every time I see something now I think oh Lucy needs this or that. lol Hooray for color! These are gorgeous photos from your holiday. You look absolutely amazing girl.

  4. I love the photographs, the sunset pics are lovely! Thanks for hosting x

  5. We found it hard enough getting a photo at a wedding with one baby! Looks like you had an amazing time. I love how bright and colourful your photos always are x

  6. Ahh gorgeous photos Lucy! It looks like you had a lovely time in Ibiza! x

  7. It looks like you had an amazing holiday. So special having family time together like that.

  8. I love seeing you guys as a six. You look so happy and so content xx

  9. These are such lovely family pics Lucy - you all look so happy and chilled! It sounds idyllic and I love family holidays! Tots craving some island adventures now ahah x

  10. Gorgeous summery photos, you've totally made me want to go back to Ibiza even more! I agree with you about travelling with a baby too, it's not as bad as you think xx

  11. Gorgeous holiday pics. Loving all the rainbow style. My little one watches trolls all the time x

  12. Firstly I love the new look on your blog. So pretty. And those rainbow outfits, so gorgeous. And just look at your youngest he really is growing up. Gorgeous photos as always #meandmineproject

  13. Love the children's matching outfits so much and well done to them for being so good when you were travelling, gorgeous photos of you all #meandmineproject

  14. Love these photos! Full of happiness, memories and lots of family time. It sounds like you had an amazing time x

  15. Beautiful photos lovely and those rainbow outfits...I need them! Such a gorgeous family xxxx

  16. Such beautiful photos! You are one very brave woman taking 3 children and a newborn on holiday! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it and had a lovely time. Such great memories for you all.


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