the me + mine project {march 2018}

Rich is loving
* a fun work trip to Switzerland.
* playing Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle with Dylan.
* eating chocolate hot cross buns. 
* finishing Stranger Things on Netflix.
* getting the garden ready for summer. 

Lucy is loving
* washing tiny baby clothes. 
* having Mother's Day afternoon tea at school with Dylan and Everly. 
* cuddly time on the sofa watching Moana with Quinn. 
* mac n cheese. 
* baby wriggles. 

Dylan is loving
* the school reading challenge. 
* playing out in the garden. 
* feeling the baby get hiccups. 
* watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after finishing the book.
* talking about, playing and generally obsession about anything Super Mario.

Everly is loving
* singing songs from The Greatest Showman. 
* seeing The Greatest Showman at the cinema. 
* practising her reading. 
* playing shops with Quinn. 
* weekend sleepovers. 

Quinn is loving
* watching Moana. 
* helping Mummy with the washing. 
* having her hair blowdried. 
* taking Kit everywhere she goes. 
* wearing her wellies. 

How on earth is it March already? It feels like this year is absolutely flying, and we are already a quarter of the way in. And next month will be our last as a five, which just doesn't seem possible to me. We feel excited and ready to meet our newest member of the gang, but at the same time, I don't feel ready to say goodbye to life as a five yet... does that even make sense? 

It's some very last minute photos from us this month, but they really couldn't be more perfectly suited to our March. After the adventures of February, we have had a really slow month. There has been lots of quiet time together at home, a fair amount of hibernating weekends, and just a lot of soaking up together time and preparing for the changes ahead. 

I also have to say, that looking at this month's photos I can see the family resemblances that so many people like to tell me about, but which I don't normally see. Everly and Rich looks SO alike, Quinn looks like my mini me, and Dylan looks like my kid but with Rich's eyes. Aren't genetics a crazy thing? It's got me really intrigued to see who this newest little person ends up being most like.

I figured I'd share some of the crazy outtakes too this month... because sometimes, promising your kids that they can pull their silliest faces once we're done, is the best way to get those nice faces in the photos in the first place. Such an attractive bunch aren't we?

I can't wait to see your lovely family portraits shared, so please do add your links below. And if you are sharing your photos on Instagram too then, please make sure you're following me and use #meandmineproject as I will be sharing some of my favourites.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Lovely pictures. Can't wait to see your last pictures as a five and the first as a six! I'm so excited for you all x

  2. Oh these are lovely, I think the outtakes are my favourite ones! I love seeing who my little tribe look like too (although at the moment, they all look like their dad haha), it's amazing how genetics work xx

  3. Love these photos Lucy. Your children have the most amazing smiles and I just love their silly faces too. My eldest won't do silly faces, if I ask for one he will be the only one in the photo with a straight face haha.

  4. Oh too funny we did silly faces this month too. The weather has been so weird for us every time it was nice we weren't all together and every time it's not we were together hahah so it was a mad dash when the rain stopped and we happen to have us all together this month in our cozy favorite garden spot. I can't believe we are both about to add one each to our family snaps. I love these and all that color!!!

  5. Love these! The weather has been so crazy this month, who would have thought I would be posting snow photos in March! But it has meant lots of time at home and slower weekends. Can't wait to see you become a 6!!

  6. These are such fab pictures - I love the silly faces!

  7. Such sunny photos, you’d forget the weather has been atrocious through most of it. Only one more photo as a five, wow, look forward to seeing the six of you.

  8. Hi! What a lovely family. I just switched my photography project from shooting interiors to make some portraits and I'm practicing on my two little ones. They are such a good models for me:)


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