the me + mine project {january 2018}

Rich is loving
* finishing Quinn's bedroom. 
* watching Vikings.
* eating tacos. 
* listening to new podcasts.
* trampolining. 

Lucy is loving
* doing crochet again.
* quiet weekends at home.
* getting to enjoy Harry Potter all over again with Dylan. 
* starting to buy bits for the baby. 
* how much Quinn's talking has exploded this past month. 

Dylan is loving
* reading Harry Potter.
* reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 
* playing Nintendo Switch. 
* going to his best friend's birthday party. 
* his tennis club. 

Everly is loving
* reading her school books. 
* Lush bubble bars. 
* playing with her lego. 
* having a wobbly tooth. 

Quinn is loving
* helping Mummy sort the washing. 
* eating... all day long if she could. 
* stealing Daddy's mini eggs. 
* playing with playdoh. 
* her hat (she won't leave the house without it!). 

I feel like in every single one of these photos, at least one of my children is being a bit bonkers. Which basically means that I did a good job of capturing my family as they really are. A little bunch of crazies... that I wouldn't change for the world. 

January has been cold, and long, and slow, and quiet. And actually its been just what we needed after a busy December. As much as I am so ready to see those signs of Spring now, it's been lovely to have a perfect excuse to hunker down and hibernate a bit this past month.

I can't wait to see your lovely family portraits shared, so please do add your links below. And if you are sharing your photos on Instagram too then, please make sure you're following me and use #meandmineproject as I will be sharing some of my favourites.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Quinn’s hat is very cute, I’m not surprised she doesn’t want to leave the house without it. Lovely family photos as always and I definitely agree that January is a good month just to hibernate. Thanks for hosting #meandmineproject

  2. Lucy these are beautiful. I love your scarf and your smile shines through each of the photos x

  3. Oh I see bump hahaha show it more girl I miss seeing your bump grow. Love the scarf so pretty. How fun all the kids are catching up with each other here. So excited for spring and adding another one to your beautiful crew and another year joining in with this fab project. Even if we were totally last minute dot com this month. OOPs can't imagine what I will be like with three. How you do it with three now and then four you are super woman. Happy smiles. #meandmineproject

  4. These photos are lovely Lucy and it sounds like the perfect month. I love the last shot where Quinn is looking at Everly. So cute. And that hat. I hope you have a wonderful Feb and holiday x

  5. Lovely photos, I like the fact January has been slow as well, good for recuperation!

  6. Lovely photos Lucy and i agree January is welcome in the slow living, but I am so ready for spring now!

  7. Gorgeous photos as always! January has been slow for us too, and it's been exactly what we needed - we've been plagued with bugs. How lovely to rediscover Harry Potter - I can't wait to introduce my children!

  8. Oh Quinny smile and that hat, she is a cutie and I love that last one where she is looking over, such a lovely capture. x

  9. Aww gorgeous photos - they all look lovely in the pictures even if making funny faces sometimes :) Cuties! January has been a slog here too - really looking forward to spring!

  10. We’ve been hibernating too this month - our first as a family of three! So excited to join in with this project this year. Gorgeous photos of your family as always x

  11. I definitely agree January was long, but still such a lovely month! I can't believe how grown up your 3 are now, such lovely photos xx

  12. I'm so glad I found this project, I Need this in my life. You all look so comfortable and natural in your photos, I want this.

  13. I'm always impressed that you manage to get more than one photo of all of you every month. It's always a battle with my lot and comes quite close to causing a family argument...but you know TOTALLY worth it!!

  14. These are lovely pics. Love your scarf too x

  15. A lovely set of photos as always. I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Here's to another year of Me and Mine!


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