the me and mine project {june}

Rich is loving
* the new floor.
* hosting a Father's Day barbecue.
* helping manage a little team at the football festival. 
* that mini eggs are back!
* the new Royal Blood album.

Lucy is loving
* enjoying the sunshine in our garden.
* our lovely new living room and playroom floor.
* having Jenny and kiddos to stay for the weekend.
* a beautiful afternoon at the beach.
* making weekend vlogs. 

Dylan is loving
* playing in the paddling pool. 
* his new gallery wall. 
* meeting his new Year 2 teacher. 
* his tennis classes. 
* one-on-one reading time at bedtime. 

Everly is loving
* her taster days at big school. 
* being outside in the garden. 
* mini Magnum ice creams. 
* summer dresses. 
* picking bits for her room makeover. 

Quinn is loving
* strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries. 
* watching Peppa Pig. 
* eating peas with her fingers. 
* dancing. 
* giggling like crazy when she's tickled. 

This month has been so, so summery and we've all been loving it. You won't ever find our little crew complaining about a heatwave; we loved our little slice of the tropics in June. It's meant maximum time outside... made all the sweeter by actually having our own outside space this summer. It's meant barbecues and paddling pools, ice creams and beach trips, time with friends and family. And in between we've continued to slowly but surely chip away at various house jobs we want to do. 

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE our family photos this month. It was one of those times where everything went in our favour. As we climbed out of the car for an afternoon stroll on the beach, it was trying to rain and Rich was already starting to moan about why we couldn't just take photos at home again like we did last month. But by the time we'd crossed the road, and our feet hit sad (and shoes were quickly abandoned for a bit of toes in the sand time) the drizzle had eased off, and our little photoshoot meets play on the beach ended up being so easy and breezy. I do so love it when a plan comes together. Especially when it results in happy pictures of my little crew in our favourite place. 

Can I also say, I didn't even notice that we were all wearing blue and white until we got home. So many people comment on the fact that we always look so coordinated for our Me and Mine Project photos, and yes that is sometimes intentional. But on this occasion it was pure fluke. Just another thing that just happened to go in my favour with this months photos. 

And a special mention goes to the last photo in this post... because we really are that crazy bonkers family getting far too into taking photos sometimes. We tend to find that building in a couple of silly photos keeps the kids interested, and normally they are blurry or weird and never see the light of day. But I like our silly snap this month. Because looking at it now, I can completely see why on a practically deserted beach we caught the attention and laughs of more than a few dog walkers. They were probably wondering what on earth we were doing. Although I did see one little family who had stopped and smiled at us, setting up their own little family snap a little further down the beach later on; so I'm pretty proud that we inspired someone else to take a family snap that they might not have done otherwise. 
 ^ I mean, how perfectly beautiful is this place? How could it not be our favourite?

I can't wait to see what you all have to share this month, and make sure you pop by my cohosts (Alex, Charlotte, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy) to see what they've been up to this month too.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. They are such a beautiful set of photos, I can see why they are your favourites and I think they're mine as well. You're so lucky to live so near such a pretty beach and those beach huts are just gorgeous !

  2. These photos are beautiful Lucy. Any time I see a pastel beach hut I think of you xx

  3. Such beautiful pictures Lucy. Those pastel coloured beach huts are so dreamy!

  4. These photos are absolutely wonderful

  5. The beach hits in these photos are just gorgeous, I'm pretty jealous as ours are old and worn. Gorgeous gorgeous photos xx

  6. OH MY GOODNESS LOVE LOVE THESE! MY favorite by far and I hope you blow them up and framer them all. These are stunning. The kids look so summery and grown up. Your smile in every photo screams happiness with your gorgeous crew here Lucy. What a beautiful beach and huts to make memories at. Wish we had ones like this up north. We definitely need a beach day next time I visit. Looks like the kids can run and be free for miles in the sand too. Happy July ahead for you all and a happy summer together.

  7. Such a pretty setting for these photos! They are gorgeous! Xx

  8. Ha Ha that last one is brilliant , one for the frame! These are beautiful Lucy and it just shows that sometimes when you leave it to the last minute and don't plan too much, you can have the most beautiful photos. You're lucky to have a lovely beach on your doorstep x

  9. What beautiful photographs Lucy, I need to move to the seaside. I get beach hut envy every time I see your posts. Have a lovely month x

  10. That top photo especially Lucy is just beautiful, I so wish I lived closer to the beach and those beach huts are just perfect x

  11. Great pictures as always Lucy. Those beach huts are just so lovely. I see photos like this and wish we lived a little bit closer to a beach.

  12. You are such a BEAUTIFUL family, Lucy... and when did Quinn get so grown?!

  13. I think these are my favourite ones of yours Lucy, the colours, the happiness, everything about it. I want to go to this beach!!!

  14. I think there's something about time spent at the beach. Relaxing and fun the photos capture a moment and you soak in the memory of it when you browse the photos again. Definitely ones to print for sunny reminders on grey rainy days. Our June memories are from the beach too. Oh how I'd love one of those beach huts!

  15. This is THE most beautiful picture IN THE WORLD Lucy. It just sums up you and your family perfectly. I think it needs to be huge and in the hall, right next to your front door. xxx

  16. These are gorgeous - so much happiness and laughter captured! I love the beach too - there's no better place to be, and those pastel beach huts make the perfect backdrop!

  17. Gorgeous photos, and I love the last one of you! Your huts are perfect and are making me want to visit! Such a gorgeous month, June really was a spectacular month for sunshine hey. x

  18. That last photo is definitely my favourite - the colours, the silliness, it's just captures fun family life perfectly!! xx

  19. What beautiful photos. Love the beach huts - definitely somewhere I'd love to visit x

  20. These are brilliant pictures - those beach huts are amazing!!

  21. They do make for a beautiful backdrop! I'd love to find some beach huts like that.

  22. Such beautiful photos of you all on the beach and I do love your co-ordinated outfits, even though it wasn't intentional! I can see why it is your happy place - you all look like you are having the most wonderful time together and that final photo is so much fun. Thanks for hosting #meandmineproject

  23. Beautiful beautiful photos lucy - the beach huts and the different colours are a stunning setting! It seems like the perfect happy place to me! xx

  24. They are ALL so amazing! I bet you love them all! And I agree with Rich - YES to mini eggs! x

  25. Gorgeous summery photos, you make me want to track down some beach huts for our next family photos x


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