me and mine {march}

Daddy is loving
* Yorkie Man-Size Chocolate Buttons.
* the beautiful boy starting to call him "Dad".
* getting back on the Kellogg's Start.
* listening to TalkSport radio in the car.
* seeing the beautiful girl sitting up on her own.

Mummy is loving
* being a Best Baby Blog finalist in the MAD Blog awards.
* that it's been nine years this month since we got together.
* toasted sesame seed bagels with cheese and ham.
* Ben and Jerry's Blondie Brownie Core Sundae (seriously, the best ice cream in the universe)
* getting to be Netmums Blog of the Week.

The beautiful boy is loving
* blowing raspberries on his little sister's belly.
* playing Numtums and phonics games on the iPad.
* absolutely anything with Nutella on.
* his Snowdog stuffed toy it goes everywhere with him (thank-you lovely Kelle and your clever Nan).
* using his full name.

The beautiful girl is loving
* sitting up and watching everything go on around her.
* starting to eat proper food, especially butternut squash and sweet potato.
* laughing hysterically at the word "whoopsie" every time she hears it.
* absolutely anything and everything her big brother does.
* being half way to one year old.

The Me & Mine project is a simple one.
Take a photo of your family each month.
It will be the photos of us together that I will treasure most in the future
and I know they will be the ones the children will most like to see,
so this project was designed to stop us all from making excuses to hide behind the camera
and to get in front of it with those we love most.

Every month on the last day of the month,
seven of us co-host a linky so that you can share your own family portraits.
We will also send you around in a circle
so that you can see how each of the other host's blogs,
so if you keep clicking through until you get back to where you started, 
then you know you didn't miss one.

This month I'm sending you to visit Lauren.
about her life as a wife and a mum to her gorgeous boys.
Go and check her out,
you absolutely will not regret it.

So you've seem Me & Mine
now we want to see you and yours . . . 



  1. These are really beautiful Lucy, the sneaky kiss photo is my favourite. It's very cute.
    I love the tones anbd the fairylights in the background.

  2. Do your children know what you are getting up to behind their backs?! teehee. The first with you laughing is definitely my favourite.

  3. Lovely photos! Love how much you are smilin on the first one. Hope you are having a lovely Easter! x

  4. I love the last one, it's the BG's face which is very cute. You can't beat a backdrop of twinkly lights- so pretty. You all look so happy. x

  5. very lovely, love the fairy lights....

  6. i love this meme you've got going, and i keep meaning to join but just keep blooming forgetting! such gorgeous photos x

  7. Lovely pictures! And great meme!

  8. Oooh, these are really pretty. I love the fairy lights!

  9. THIS IS THE BEST LINK UP IDEA EVER. Bonus: You get family pictures every month! That's so nice. Also, me and your boy have something in common...I'll eat anything with nutella on it too!

  10. Thank you so SO much for telling me about the link up last night. It's just what I need!

    The photos are gorgeous - I can't choose a favourite because they are all great for different reasons/expressions etc. I love that your little girl laughs at 'whoopsie'. Too cute!

    Thank you again xx

  11. I love all the pictures, there are some great ones at the moment, I love the last one where you are both focused on a bubba, this was a fab idea of yours sweetie, I am really hoping to join in this month xxx

  12. You are all SO cute! I can't believe I haven't tried that Ben & Jerry's flavour!!!!! That's a must this month! xx

  13. Gosh you are a gorgeous family. And a happy one too. You can tell. :) xx

  14. what stunning photos of the four of you, so much love and all so beautiful x x


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